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Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged and its Dedicated Fund for Implementing After-school Learning and Support Programmes to open for new round of application

     The Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged (PFD) (Tenth Round Application) and the Dedicated Fund for Implementing After-school Learning and Support Programmes (Second Round Application) under the PFD managed by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) will be open for application from December 1. Welfare non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and eligible primary and secondary schools are welcome to submit proposals for approval.

     The Government set up the PFD in 2005 for promoting tripartite partnership among the welfare sector, business corporations and the Government to help the disadvantaged. The Government provides matching grants with regard to the donations made by business organisations to support welfare NGOs in running social welfare projects. The Government has injected $800 million into the PFD since its inception, of which $200 million is dedicated to implementing more after-school learning and support programmes for primary and secondary students from grass-roots families to facilitate their whole-person development.

     "The first nine rounds of PFD application have approved matching grants of about $378 million for 169 welfare NGOs sponsored by 1 370 business partners. More than 1 million disadvantaged persons have benefited from a total of 816 welfare projects. A favourable response was also received for the first round of Dedicated Fund application under the PFD and more than 70 approved after-school learning and support projects have commenced at the beginning of the 2015/16 school year. These projects, together with the remaining proposals being considered, are expected to benefit a total of 20 000 primary and secondary students," an SWD spokesman said today (November 28).

     Information about the PFD and the Dedicated Fund is summarised as follows:

             Tenth Round         Second Round
             PFD Application     Dedicated Fund
             ---------------     ----------------

Eligible     Bona-fide           Bona-fide
applicants   charitable          charitable
             welfare NGOs with   welfare NGOs with
             tax-exempted        tax-exempted
             status under        status under
             Section 88 of       Section 88 of
             the Inland          the Inland
             Revenue             Revenue
             Ordinance           Ordinance
             (Cap. 112).         (Cap. 112).

                                 Public sector
                                 primary and
                                 schools including
                                 schools, aided
                                 schools and caput
                                 schools, and
                                 schools under the
                                 Direct Subsidy

Contents     Social welfare      After-school
of the       projects for the    learning
projects     disadvantaged.      and support
                                 for primary and
                                 students from

Application  SWD homepage:       SWD homepage:
guides and   (  (
forms        en/index/ ->        en/index/ ->
             Public Services     Public Services
             ->Support           ->Support
             Services ->         Services ->
             Partnership         Partnership
             Fund for the        Fund for the
             Disadvantaged).     Disadvantaged -
                                 Dedicated Fund).

Deadlines    March 31, 2016      March 31, 2016.
for          (first phase);
application  August 31, 2016
             (second phase).

     More details of the PFD and the Dedicated Fund are available on the SWD homepage: For enquiries about applications, please contact the Secretariat of the PFD during office hours on 2892 5104/2892 5306 or by email ([email protected]).

Ends/Saturday, November 28, 2015
Issued at HKT 11:00


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