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CAD's response to media enquiries on PAC report

     In response to media enquiries on the Report of the Legislative Council Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) today (June 3) said:

     "CAD takes note of the views and recommendations of the PAC made in the PAC report. CAD is aware of the PAC's great concern and will study in details the recommendations made in the PAC report and take appropriate follow-up actions.

     CAD fully agrees that the Air Traffic Control (ATC) System should operate safely, reliably and stably. This is also our topmost priority. The Department will continue to implement the maintenance measures for the existing ATC System to keep it in smooth and reliable operation and at the best international standard until the new ATC System is in operation in the first half next year.

     CAD had strictly followed the rules and procedures as stipulated in the Government Stores and Procurement Regulations and the Agreement on Government Procurement of the World Trade Organization throughout the procurement of the new ATC System, and consulted the Department of Justice and the Government Logistics Department where necessary to ensure impartiality and fairness throughout the procurement process. The total expenditure of the ATC System replacement project (including the enhancements) will not exceed the approved budget. With regard to the delay of the project, the Department, in a bid to expedite the progress of the new Air Traffic Management System (ATMS) project, has already taken all possible measures immediately to enhance the monitoring of the performance of the new ATMS contractor while ensuring that the safe, reliable and stable operation of the new ATC System would not be compromised. CAD has been following up with the contractor to expedite actions on the remaining work, and to arrange training and transition activities for all ATC operation staff.

     Besides, CAD has followed up with the recommendations raised in the Audit Report and implemented improvement measures, which include updating the Project Procedures Handbook of CAD and reminding the officers concerned to comply with the guidelines in the Handbook.
     CAD will continue to implement measures to ensure that the air traffic control is managed in a safe, stable and reliable manner."

Ends/Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Issued at HKT 21:28


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