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Police urge illegal occupiers in Causeway Bay to leave soonest

      A Police spokesman said today (December 14) that the illegal road occupations have lasted for some seventy days, and have seriously affected the rule of law and public order.  The daily lives of the general public have also been greatly disrupted.  Police urge the illegal road occupiers in Causeway Bay to respect the rule of law and immediately cease the illegal occupation so that public order can be restored.

     Police announced yesterday that, tomorrow (December 15) morning, Police would exercise other legal powers conferred by the law to remove the obstacles at the illegally occupied road section on Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, and to re-open the roads.  To further enhance transparency of Police operation, at around 9.30 am tomorrow, Police will arrange an on-site media briefing about forthcoming Police actions.  Police hope that the people who are still occupying the road illegally at that time can cooperate with Police so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

     Police already stated that, during the operation, it would be necessary to set up an operational cordoned area and implement traffic control measures.  Police hope that citizens will follow the instructions of Police at scene.  Police will facilitate the access of those who work or live near the affected area.  Police appeal to members of the public to avoid going to the illegally occupied area and its vicinity in Causeway Bay unless it is necessary during the operation tomorrow (December 15).

     Police urge the illegal occupiers to remove the obstacles soonest, to take away their personal belongings and to leave in a peaceful and orderly manner so that the blocked roads can be re-opened.  During the operation tomorrow, there will not be much time for them to pack their personal belongings.  Meanwhile, members of the public should avoid gathering or lingering in the illegally occupied area.  They should stay away from radicals and troublemakers and not be incited to commit any illegal acts.

     If the illegal road occupiers refuse to leave, Police will take actions to disperse them and may effect arrest against those who attempt to obstruct Police in the execution of duty.  If protestors at scene do not resort to resistance or violent acts, Police will not need to use any force.

     As for the harassments of business operators and public transportation in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay by people blocking pavements with the excuse of .shopping・ in the past nights, Police have already pointed out that these acts are not only selfish but may breach the laws of Hong Kong.

     In this early morning, some protestors gathered in Mong Kok to obstruct various road sections including Nathan Road and Argyle Street and interfered with the operation of business thereat.  Police issued multiple warnings for the protestors to leave.  A majority of these people left after Police had recorded their personal details.  In the end, Police arrested 20 persons, including 14 males and six females, aged between 15 and 65 for the offences of .Participating in an Unauthorised Assembly・ and .Obstructing Police Officer in Due Execution of Duty・.

     In addition, Police located seven juveniles, including five boys and two girls, aged between 13 and 15, at scene.  Police brought them back to station and contacted their parents to pick them up in order to ensure their personal safety.

     Police urge the relevant protestors to stop committing these selfish and malicious acts and not to deprive others of their rights and freedom.  They should express their opinions in a peaceful and rational manner.  It is against the law for anyone to deliberately disrupt public peace or engage in acts that disregard the safety of others. Police will take enforcement actions against such illegal acts.  Police are duty bound to maintain public peace and to protect public safety and public order.  Police will take professional enforcement actions against anyone who attempts to illegally block roads that have already been reopened or any other roads.

Ends/Sunday, December 14, 2014
Issued at HKT 18:01


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