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Police are committed to preventing re-blockage of roads

    In the past two days, Police assisted bailiffs in the execution of Injunction Orders on Argyle Street and Nathan Road, Mong Kok and exercised other legal powers conferred by the law to remove obstacles blocking the public thoroughfares.  Argyle Street, South and North bounds of Nathan Road and other roads in the proximity are now re-opened.

    Though the roads were re-opened, radicals and troublemakers still lingered in the vicinity and often provoked others, created chaos and attempted to block the roads again. Police urge members of the public not to go to Mong Kok and linger there. They should stay away from radical individuals and troublemakers, and should not take part or be incited to take part in any illegal acts.  They should maintain a safe distance from police officers when the officers are executing their duties. Police do not want to see anyone, especially students, being hurt when they place themselves amongst the violent acts of radical individuals and troublemakers.

    Shops in Mong Kok were forced to close their business and members of the public were forced to use indirect routes that caused inconvenience due to the unlawful acts of the people who assembled unlawfully. Their behaviours interfered with the local residents and ignored their interest. The protestors should not attempt to block the roads again as the roads belong to the general public.

    Last evening, a group of protestors started to gather on Nelson Street and Shantung Street to block the roads.  Police issued multiple appeals, advice and warnings through public announcements and displaying warning banners at scene.  However, the protestors refused to comply and scattered around the area. They attempted to block the roads, incited others to provoke the officers and charged at Police check lines. To prevent the situation from further deteriorating, Police, with no other alternatives, used the minimum level of force and took resolute action, including using pepper spray and baton to stop the violent and unlawful acts, and to disperse and arrest the protestors involved.

    Police dispersed all the troublemakers and resumed the traffic flow in Mong Kok at seven this morning. In the operation from last night to the early morning of today (November 27), Police arrested a total of 21 males, aged between 19 and 42, for the offences of 'Criminal Damage', 'Disorderly Conduct in a Public Place', 'Possession of Offensive Weapons', 'Unlawful Assembly', 'Assaulting Police°¶ and °•Obstructing Police'.
    In addition, at around ten last night, some protestors dashed onto Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, attempted to block the carriageways and then fled immediately. Police swiftly deployed officers to remove the obstacles.  Police pointed out that these illegal acts were highly irresponsible and endangered the safety of the protestors themselves and other road users as well.  Police will not allow erection of barricades on roads that have been re-opened or other sections of roads, and will take strict enforcement actions to stop these illegal acts.

    Police have always been emphasising that Mong Kok is a high risk area. We have repeatedly urged the public, in particular students, not to go there to avoid unnecessary injuries. Local residents and business operators should also be careful of their own safety to avoid injuries.

    Police have deployed sufficient manpower to maintain order and prevent re-blockage of roads. Police have the responsibility to take resolute action by exercising the statutory powers conferred by the law to maintain public order and safeguard public safety.

    Police have the determination and capability to restore public order and to protect public safety. We will take resolute enforcement actions if anyone resorts to violence or disrupts public order.

Ends/Thursday, November 27, 2014
Issued at HKT 22:24


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