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Remarks by Commissioner of Police at media session

     Following is the translation of the remarks by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Tsang Wai-hung, at the media session after attending the 37th anniversary reception of the Junior Police Officersˇ¦ Association of the Hong Kong Police Force today (October 27)

     The continued illegal occupation and blockage of major roads have now lasted for more than four weeks. These prolonged illegal occupation acts have adversely affected the daily lives and livelihoods of general members of the public and eroded the rule of law.

     Police have been adopting a very tolerant and restrained approach in handling the illegal occupation protestors. We do not want to see a large number of persons getting injured, especially students, during large-scale confrontations. However, this does not mean that Police will tolerate violence as well as any violent act of charging Police cordon lines and will take resolute action.

     I hope that the illegal occupiers will respect the rule of law and the court orders and cease their illegal occupation and blockage of roads.

      If anyone tries to obstruct the plaintiffs or their agents in executing the court orders, Police have the responsibility to maintain public safety and public peace. If anyone resorts to violence, Police will take resolute action.

     There were conflicts in Mong Kok almost everyday and the situation there is volatile. Mong Kok is by far more chaotic and dangerous than other occupied areas. I hope the protestors illegally occupying the roads can desist and leave as soon as possible. Members of the public should not go there, too.

     In the past few weeks, our frontline officers have been working days and nights, doing their utmost to protect the interests of Hong Kong people. They have remained devoted and steadfast in carrying out their duties. I am greatly indebted to them. We are also very grateful to the members of the public who have shown support and encouragements to our officers. I hope members of the public will cooperate with Police so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Ends/Monday, October 27, 2014
Issued at HKT 20:44


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