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New Hong Kong Heritage Museum exhibition enables children to experience a playful art gallery (with photos)

     In the eyes of children, museums are much too solemn and full of rules. Some of them may think that the artworks are too abstract and incomprehensible, and that relics are detached from daily life. With abundant art resources, a museum is, however, a right place to nurture creativity and aesthetic sensitivity in children. The point is how to change their perception and experience. Finding a way to foster an affection for museums among children has become a concern for museum professionals.

     With the aim of encouraging children to explore their intelligence through enjoying art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has launched its latest exhibition, "Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration through Art". With the playful artworks and interactive art space designed by 16 participating artists, the exhibition encourages kids and parents to develop their creativity through touching the exhibits and creating works with the artists. This is the first time a public museum in Hong Kong has organised an art exhibition that targets a young audience, and it is hoped that this can offer visitors a unique museum experience. The exhibition will run from tomorrow (May 12) to September 23.

     The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held today (May 11) and the officiating guests included the Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Ms Florence Hui; the Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Ms Belinda Wong; the Chairman of the Art Museum Advisory Panel, Mr Vincent Lo; the museum expert advisor, Dr Lai Ming-hoi; and the participating artists.

     Education has always been a key function of museums. The key to success is how to turn an abundant wealth of knowledge into a thrilling and attractive learning channel that makes museum visits enjoyable. To widen their audience, exhibition organisers around the world target junior visitors by opening children's museums and organising a variety of activities for young visitors.

     "Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration through Art" is an art exhibition designed for children based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner believes that every child is a potential prodigy in a particular form, which can be presented in multiple formats. Suitable teaching methods can unleash and further develop the abilities of children. He divided the cognitive abilities into eight categories: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinaesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic intelligences. Gardner's theory suggests that every person possesses intelligences in different combinations and various stages of development.

     Gathering the eight intelligences in 10 specially designed interactive artworks and exhibition spaces, this exhibition provides a platform for children to experience and learn through appreciating and playing in the exhibits to learn about the sense of touch, cognition, social interaction, emotion and other concepts, thereby enjoying the full spectrum of intelligences. Parents can observe and focus their efforts on areas in which their children show potential.

     To gather innovative thoughts, a total of 16 local artists working in a range of different media, from the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, media art, fashion design, graphic design, comics, music, installation and illustration, were invited to create artworks and interactive exhibition spaces. They are Chris Cheung, Cheng Kar-wai, Henry Chu, Steven Chu, Kevin Fung, Lam Mui-ling, Lam Tung-pang, Carol Lee, Lung Heung-wing, Anson Tsang, Kenneth Tse, Pacino Wan, Humphrey Wong, Wong Tin-yan, Leo Yeung and Clement Yick. The exhibits in various formats, which take into account the life experience of children, are showcased in an exciting "playground" with a variety of sensations, and children can unveil their hidden talents on a journey of infinite intelligence.

     To inspire the young audience's curiosity, four architects, Anson Tsang, Kenneth Tse, Steven Chu and Humphrey Wong, have turned the exhibition hall into a scene of a fairy tale. Adults and children are expected to take different paths to view the exhibits. There are areas exclusive for the younger visitors, who can explore and then share their experiences with older visitors.

     Graphic designer Clement Yick has provided graphic design for the Parent's Guide Book targeting adults, as well as the Little Captain's Friendly Call pamphlet targeting young visitors. He has created a team of wizards, each representing one type of intelligence. Meanwhile, comic artist Cheng Kar-wai is responsible for a comic centred on interactive pieces by 10 artists, a rare form of exhibit description for junior readers. Made with kids in mind, these playful designs are presented to take young visitors to a new dimension where their spatial intelligence and creativity will be unleashed.

     The "Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration through Art" exhibition is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and is one of the programmes of "Hip Hong Kong" under the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign.
     For more details of the exhibition, please visit the webpage on the Hong Kong Heritage Museum's website at, or call 2180 8188.

     The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is located at 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin. It is open from 10am to 6pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 7pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The museum is closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays). Admission is $10 and half-price concessions are applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities and senior citizens aged 60 or above. The group admission fee is $7, applicable to every purchase of 20 tickets or more. Free admission for children aged below 4. Admission is free on Wednesdays.

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