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Education Bureau introduces Award Titles Scheme and use of credit under Qualifications Framework (with photos)

     The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, announced today (October 24) the introduction of the Award Titles Scheme (ATS) and the use of credit under the Qualifications Framework (QF).

     He said that these two new initiatives will enable learners to make informed choices and better facilitate recruitment and training by employers.

     Officially launched in 2008, the QF is a seven-level hierarchy ranging from the elementary Level 1 to the highest Level 7 covering qualifications in the academic, vocational and continuing education and training sectors.

     A great variety of qualifications and programmes are being offered in the education and training market. The newly introduced ATS specifies the award titles that can be used for qualifications at various QF levels.

     Mr Ng said, "By simplifying and standardising the use of titles, the ATS will enhance consistency and transparency in the use of appropriate titles to reflect more clearly the level of qualifications."

     As for QF credit, it is a measure of volume or size of learning programmes recognised under the QF. One QF credit consists of 10 notional learning hours, which is calculated by taking into account the total time likely to be spent through all modes of learning, including class attendance, on-line learning, practical learning, self-study, examinations and other assessment activities.

      "The adoption of QF credits will provide clear and transparent information on the size or volume of learning programmes and the efforts and outcome expected from learners to complete the programmes," Mr Ng said.

     Since the ATS and use of QF credit are two major initiatives in the local education and training landscape, a longer period will be allowed for their implementation in order to ensure smooth transition and full compliance.

     Starting from January 1, 2014, programmes newly registered in the Qualifications Register (QR) ( must adopt titles that conform to the ATS. At the same time, providers should indicate the QF credit values of such programmes if they are pitched at QF levels 1 to 4.

     Starting from January 1, 2016, all programmes on the QR must adopt titles that conform to the ATS. Programmes from QF levels 1 to 4 will also be required to show QF credit values.

     Mr Ng added that apart from benefiting learners and employers, the two initiatives will also be advantageous to institutions and training organisations as the ATS and use of QF credit will enhance learners' confidence in course enrolment and assist credit transfer and recognition among institutions.

     "These two milestone developments are the result of concerted efforts by the Education Bureau, the education and training sector and the quality assurance bodies. The ATS and use of QF credits will further strengthen the QF infrastructure in line with international development," he said.

     Details of the two initiatives are set out on the QF website ( The award titles that can be used for qualifications at various QF levels are at Annex.

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