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Government's response to media enquiries on public space at Tamar

     In response to media enquiries about the open space at the Tamar site today (October 18), a Government spokesman gave the following reply:

     "The area of the open space of the entire site under the Tamar Development Project is about 20,490 square metres, of which Tamar Park only constitutes the part managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The remaining parts are under the management of the Legislative Council (3,270 square metres) and the Administration Wing (220 square metres) respectively. The total area of open space provided is consistent with that presented in the design stage and there has not been any reduction whatsoever.

     "A total of 400 trees will be planted within the site of the Tamar Development Project. Apart from those inside Tamar Park, trees are also being planted on the roadside as well as within the Legislative Council Complex and the Central Government Offices at Tamar.

     "Construction of the sculpture court and the lily pond, which were mentioned at the design stage of the Tamar Development Project, has been implemented. Adopting a simple and flexible approach in naming, we have not fixed the name of each and every place. The LCSD has not included the lily pond in introducing the facilities at Tamar Park as its location is under the management of the Legislative Council.

     "We have organised an open competition to call for artwork proposals for installation at Tamar Park and the adjudication process has entered the final stage. We will install artworks at suitable locations inside the park upon completion of the assessment.

     "While ornamental plants will be displayed at the pond of the floating platform, we do not have plans to provide fish on-site at present."

Ends/Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Issued at HKT 19:52


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