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AFCD introduces locally cultured Jade Perch (with photos)

     The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) introduced local quality fish Jade Perch today (May 6).

     To meet market demand for quality and safe food, the AFCD has been identifying appropriate new culture species with good market potential.  After successful trials, the AFCD will promote these new species to fish farmers. The Jade Perch, which is native to Queensland, Australia, is a good candidate for pond fish culture. With its high nutritional value and high percentage of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, Jade Perch enjoys strong consumer acceptance throughout Asia.

     In 2004, the AFCD conducted collaborative trials on the culture of Jade Perch. With a view to helping fish farmers secure a stable supply of fish fry at lower costs, trials on the hatching of Jade Perch eggs were conducted in 2005 and 2006. Batches of fertilised eggs were imported from Australia and the eggs were hatched and reared in temperature-controlled tanks to produce local fish fry. In recent years, the AFCD has successfully transferred the culture and fry rearing techniques of Jade Perch to local fish farmers.

     All local fish farms culturing Jade Perch have been registered under the Accredited Fish Farm Scheme.  The scheme was launched by the AFCD to assist fish farmers to enhance the competitiveness of their local aquaculture products as well as to develop and promote local brand names for quality fish such as grey mullet and giant grouper. Participating fish farms are required to adopt a set of good aquaculture practices, and quality assurance tests, including analyses of drug residues and heavy metals in fish, which are conducted to ensure that all cultured fish meet food safety standards before they are sold in the market. All accredited fishery products carry tags bearing the label "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme" for easy recognition. Currently, a total of 100 fish farms have participated in the scheme.

     The AFCD will continue to assist local fish farmers in upgrading and developing fish fry hatching and breeding techniques through the provision of technical support, training and trial schemes in collaboration with fish farmers.

Ends/Friday, May 6, 2011
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