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Ocean Park approved to reopen Ocean Express today

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has completed its investigation of an incident concerning the Ocean Express at Ocean Park, and has approved the reopening of the Ocean Express today (December 16).

     Subsequent to the Ocean Express incident on December 5, EMSD issued a closure order requiring Ocean Park to stop the operation of the Ocean Express until the incident investigation was completed and all necessary improvement measures in place. Ocean Park was also required to submit an incident report.

     EMSD has now completed its investigation of the incident. The design of the Ocean Express is confirmed to be safe, and the system is maintained satisfactorily. The incident was due to unnecessary activation of the track brakes by an operator, leading to an abrupt stop of the train. Some passengers fell and suffered injuries. Moreover, EMSD has examined and given its approval to the improvement measures proposed by Ocean Park to prevent recurrence of similar incident.

     Before the reopening of the Ocean Express, the improvement measures that have to be carried out by Ocean Park include:

* Installing flip covers on all the track brake switches at the ride control panels to prevent accidental activation;

* Installing prominent labels for various switches, buttons and lamps on the control panels;

* Reducing the maximum speed of the Ocean Express from 10m/sec to 7m/sec;

* Conducting refresher training workshops for all operators of the system;

* Enhancing the safety awareness of passengers about holding handrail during the journey;

* Arranging for an additional attendant in each train (two in total) during the operation of the Ocean Express.

     EMSD has already examined on site all the improvement measures and confirmed their proper completion. Having been satisfied that these measures can effectively prevent recurrence of similar incidents to ensure passenger safety, EMSD has agreed that Ocean Park may reopen the Ocean Express today.

Ends/Thursday, December 16, 2010
Issued at HKT 14:58


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