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Fruitful meeting of HK/Guangdong Expert Group on Co-operation in Education (with photos)

     The Permanent Secretary for Education, Mr Raymond Wong, and Director of Education of Guangdong Province, Dr Luo Wei Qi, today (June 29) jointly held the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Group on Co-operation in Education meeting in Guangzhou in preparation for the 12th Plenary of the Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference to be conducted later this year.

     Both the Hong Kong and Guangdong sides shared their views on education issues of concern, including strengthening the co-operation and sharing between Mainland and Hong Kong teachers, continuing implementation of the Sisters School Scheme, further extending the programmes in national education for local students and enhancing exchanges on educational matters relating to higher education, vocational education and examination business between the two places.  

     Mr Wong described the meeting as fruitful and said he was delighted to see Guangdong and Hong Kong making good progress on co-operation in various aspects on the education front. "Among them, the Sisters School Scheme has been running smoothly with annual increase in participating schools," he said.  

     Currently, there are about 150 pairs of sister schools in Guangdong and Hong Kong.  It is planned that another 15 to 20 schools will pair up with schools in Guangdong in  2009-10.  The scheme allows Hong Kong students more exposure to developments on the Mainland.

     Mr Wong said, "To promote and cultivate students' sense of national identity, with the unfailing support of Guangdong Province, the Education Bureau has launched many student exchange programmes, including the National Education Exchange Programme on the Mainland which is designed for students to have a better personal experience and understanding of the contemporary developments of the Mainland."

     Starting from 2009, the Education Bureau will increase the subsidised exchange quota from the existing 5,000 (mainly covering secondary students) to 37,000 (including primary students).

     Regarding the higher and vocational education, institutions of both places currently have many collaboration initiatives.  For example, in the higher education side, institutions have achieved much in nurturing talents and conducting research.  Both sides have agreed that further collaboration efforts could be explored on the existing basis.  

     The Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference is  set up to put forward initiatives as agreed between Hong Kong and Guangdong, under which there are 15 Expert Groups including the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Group on Co-operation in Education. The Expert Group aims at strengthening collaboration in  various education areas and to promote information exchange and professional interaction.  

Ends/Monday, June 29, 2009
Issued at HKT 18:55


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