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Notification scheme for animals and poultry to start September 1

    The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) will launch a pre-statutory voluntary notification scheme from September 1 for live food animals and live poultry importers and distributors.

     "The Government is drafting a food safety bill which will introduce new concepts and principles, including clearly defining the food safety requirements and responsibilities of food business operators," a CFS spokesman said today (August 22).

     One of the new measures is to require local food importers and distributors to enrol with the CFS to facilitate the identification of the importers and distributors, tracing the source of food and taking follow-up action in case of any food incident.

     "Before the enactment of the new legislation and the mandatory notification scheme coming into force, we are introducing the Pre-statutory Voluntary Notification Scheme for Food Importers and Distributors to enable the trade to become familiar with the future mandatory notification requirement," the spokesman said.

     "It will also help us identify the food importers and distributors so we can enlist their support and co-operation in the event of a food incident."

     The pre-statutory voluntary notification for game, meat and poultry meat importers and distributors was launched on August 1.

     From September 1, the CFS will accept notification from live food animals and live poultry importers and distributors. They are encouraged to notify the CFS of their business registration number, address, telephone number and person-in-charge.

     The CFS today conducted a briefing on the notification scheme for live food animals and live poultry importers and distributors and also listened to their views.

     The timetable for the pre-statutory voluntary notification for other food importers and distributors is as follows:

Time                 Food types
October 2007         milk, milk beverage, cream and frozen confections
November 2007        vegetables and fruits
December 2007        fish and fishery products
Afterwards           other food categories

     The list of importers and distributors will be uploaded on to the CFS website ( after the information provided by the participating importers and distributors has been collated for the reference of local wholesalers and retailers.

     Application forms are available at the CFS on 43rd floor, Queensway Government Offices and can be downloaded from the CFS website starting from September 1. Applicants can also fill in the electronic notification form on the website and submit it to the CFS.

     Live food animals and live poultry importers and distributors are welcome to call the CFS on 2867 5534 during office hours if they have any questions on the notification scheme.

Ends/Wednesday, August 22, 2007
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