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Preliminary results of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme announced

    The Immigration Department has announced the results of the first selection exercise under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. Eighty-three applicants - 73 under the General Points Test and 10 under the Achievement-based Points Test - will be allocated quotas, according to the preliminary results.

     The Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals, Mr Henry Fan Hung-ling, and the Assistant Director of Immigration, Ms Helen Chan Wing-mui, announced the results today (November 7).

     Ms Chan said that since the implementation of the scheme on June 28 until November 6, the Immigration Department has received 479 applications.  

     Applicants are required to choose whether to be assessed under the General Points Test or the Achievement-based Points Test, and compete for quota allocation. The maximum point score for both tests is 165.

     During each selection exercise, applications that satisfy both the prerequisites and the minimum pass mark under the General Points Test are ranked according to points awarded. High-scoring applicants will be short-listed for further assessment by the Advisory Committee. Applications under the Achievement-based Points Test that satisfy the prerequisites, would be forwarded to the Advisory Committee for discussions and assessment. The number of points required for short-listed applicants under the General Points Test in this selection exercise was 80.  

     In this selection exercise, 122 applications were forwarded to the Advisory Committee for discussions and assessment. The committee adopted a two-tier approach. In the first tier, members were divided into four panels according to their expertise. Each panel was responsible for the assessment of three to four sectors. Panel members would grade applicants under the General Points Test as "exceptional", "highly recommended", "recommended" or "marginal" after discussions and assessment. They also deliberated on applications under the Achievement-based Points Test and determined whether the applicants were exceptionally talented or skilled, and had outstanding achievements.

     Mr Fan said the Advisory Committee met on November 3 to conduct the second-tier assessment. During the meeting, the panels' grading and comments on the 122 applications were further discussed and reviewed.

     "Generally, we would not consider the points scored by the applicants," Mr Fan said. "Instead, we would focus on the background of the applicants, such as academic qualifications, previous track record, professional training, international exposure, future plans in Hong Kong and language skills, as well as the prevailing circumstances and the long-term socio-economic needs of Hong Kong."

     "Under the General Points Test, even applicants with relatively low points would be considered for quota allocation. For example, the Advisory Committee has recommended allotting a quota to an applicant scores relatively low points, but with exceptional achievements in the arts and culture sector. Some applicants with doctoral or master degrees and who scored relatively high points, however, were not recommended for quota allocation as the Advisory Committee considered that their credentials might not be compatible with the needs of Hong Kong. For applications under the Achievement-based Points Test, the Advisory Committee would ascertain the achievements of the applicants before recommending the allocation of quotas," Mr Fan said.

     Ms Chan said the results of the selection exercise would be published on the Immigration Department website before November 24. Applicants who have been allocated quotas will be issued with "Approval-in-principle letters". They will be invited to come to Hong Kong for an interview and to present originals of all documents submitted during the application to the Immigration Department for verification. Upon satisfactory verification of the documents/information furnished by the successful applicants, formal approval would be granted. Entry visas or entry permits would then be issued to them for admission to Hong Kong. Should an applicant fail to provide the required documents/information or to present originals of all documents submitted during the application for verification, the allotted quota might be nullified. The first batch of successful applicants is expected to arrive before the end of this year.

Ends/Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Issued at HKT 18:50