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LCQ5: Block Insurance Policy for schools

    Following is a question by the Hon Ma Lik and a written reply by the Secretary for Education and Manpower, Professor Arthur K C Li, in the Legislative Council today (October 26):


Will the Government inform this Council of:

(a) the number of cases of claims against the primary and secondary schools whose actions caused personal injuries and the amount involved in each of the past four years;

(b) the details of insurance cover currently taken out by primary and secondary schools for the avoidance of loss arising from such claims, and the authorities' guidelines in this respect; and

(c) the criteria currently adopted by the authorities as well as primary and secondary schools for deciding on the sum insured; how primary and secondary schools will deal with the deficiency in the sum insured to meet claims; and how the authorities will assist them?


Madam President,

     The Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) has arranged a Block Insurance Policy (BIP) for all aided and caput schools. The BIP covers insurance against public liability, employees' compensation and group personal accident risks.

(a) The public liability insurance under the BIP offers indemnity in respect of the legal liability of a school for accidental injury to any third party, or accidental loss of or damage to any property due to the school's negligence.  In the past four school years, the number of cases of claims and the amount of indemnity provided for or incurred in connection with public liability insurance are as follows:

School    Number of   Amount of Indemnity    
Year      Cases       Provided for or Incurred
                      ($ million)
-------   ---------   ------------------------
2001/02    300           6.6
2002/03    701           5.0
2003/04    174           7.5
2004/05    197           2.6

(b) The current limits of indemnity for various insurance items under the BIP are as follows:

Class of Insurance Limit of Indemnity
------------------ ------------------
a)Public           HK$100 million per any one
  Liability            occurrence
b)Employees'       HK$100 million per any one event
  Compensation         or each insured school
c)Group Personal   Up to HK$100,000 per person

     EMB Circular No. 11/2005 dated August 24, 2005 already sets out the details of the BIP and schools have been reminded of the issues requiring special attention.

     As for kindergartens, private schools and schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme, the EMB has advised them via EMB Circular No.16/2004 to acquire adequate insurance to cover public liabilities for damages arising from fire, accidents and injuries to students and other persons as well as the employees' compensation as required by the Employees' Compensation Ordinance.

(c) Before taking out a BIP for schools, the EMB will appoint an independent professional insurance consultant to advise on matters such as coverage of the policy, limits of indemnity, amount of premium, latest development of the insurance industry, etc.  The consultant will also be required to assist the EMB in the related tendering exercise.  The EMB will set the limits of indemnity for various insurance items under the BIP in accordance with the professional advice given by the insurance consultant.

     The current limits of indemnity for public liability insurance and employees' compensation insurance are both HK$100 million, which is considered adequate in providing protection to the schools concerned.

Ends/Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Issued at HKT 14:02


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