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Six pre-sale consents issued in January


The Lands Department issued one consent for the sale of 764 residential units and five consents for the sale of uncompleted commercial development projects in January, a spokesman for the Department said today (February 4).

The residential development, located in Fanling, is estimated to be completed in April, 2006.

The department issued one consent to assign involving 1,446 residential units in January.

At the end of January, there were 18 applications for pre-sale consent pending approval, involving a total of 7,399 residential units. Among them, seven applications involving 747 residential units are estimated to be completed in 2005. Ten applications involving 6,442 residential units are estimated to be completed in 2006 and the remaining one application with 210 residential units is estimated to be completed in March, 2009.

There were two applications for pre-sale consent for commercial developments pending approval as at the end of January, 2005.

In addition, there were three applications for consent to assign involving 2,310 residential units and three applications for consent to assign for commercial developments pending approval.

People may obtain up-to-date information on consents to sell residential units in uncompleted developments issued for the last six months and cases pending approval as at the end of January, 2005, by dialling Legal Advisory & Conveyancing Office's Hotline 2147 5475 or visiting the Lands Department's website at

The names of the developer, its solicitors, authorised person (including the name of the firm), the main superstructure contractor, and, where applicable, the parent company of the developer, the mortgagee bank, the undertaking bank and the financier in respect of individual developments are also available to the public in the form of reports obtainable through the fax-on-demand facilities of the Hotline or the Lands Department website. This information is also available in the sale brochures, printed advertisements and websites.

Intending purchasers are advised to study details of the development and the sale proceedings, through information available from public advertisement, sales brochure and price lists released from the developer before making a deposit for a purchase. The sales brochure for a development (normally containing a Chinese version also) contains also the main points of the Deed of Mutual Covenant, including the definition of common areas, terms of appointment of manager, the basis of calculating management fees, management fee deposit and others.

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Information on the land registration statistics for downloading (pdf format):

  • Particulars of presale consent and consent to assign issued for the period from 01/01/2005 to 31/01/2005
  • Particulars of applications for presale consent and consent to assign pending approval as at 31/01/2005

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