Press Release



Reclamation contract for Disneyland Project signed


The Director of Civil Engineering, Mr Y.C. Lo, today (May 15) signed a contract with HAM-HK Construction Joint Venture for the Stage I reclamation of Penny's Bay.

This is the first reclamation contract for the Penny's Bay, located at the northeast of Lantau Island, and is of paramount importance to the successful completion of the Disneyland Project.

The Contract, at an estimated cost of HK$3.98 billion, is a remeasurement contract with a bill of quantities based on the Engineer's design.

Works on the contract are scheduled for completion by January 2003.

The scope of works of the contract covers the following main elements:

* dredging and reclamation to form about 200 hectares of land;

* construction of about 1,800 metres of permanent seawall;

* construction of about 1,200 metres of temporary seawall which will be expanded to the Stage 2 reclamation under a future contract;

* a temporary access road and water supply from the existing Yam O Interchange to China Light & Power's power station in Penny's Bay;

* implementation of environmental monitoring and audit in accordance with the relevant permits and audits reports;

* installation of geotechnical instruments, monitoring and assessment of reclamation performance; and

* design and construction of the temporary reinforced earth embankment, water pumping facility, footpath and associated utilities re-provisioning, and footbridge crossing for the footpath and utilities.

End/Monday, May 15, 2000