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Over 6 million people successfully registered under Scheme $6,000

     The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau said today (November 11) that Scheme $6,000 has been operating smoothly since its commencement on August 28, 2011. As at October 31, 2012, over 6 million people have successfully registered under the Scheme.

     A spokesman for the bureau said that the deadline for registration is December 31, 2012. Persons who meet the eligibility criteria (i.e. holder of a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card aged 18 or above on the eligibility date (March 31, 2012)) but have not yet registered under the Scheme may do so on or before December 31 to benefit from Scheme $6,000.

     Under Scheme $6,000, depending on the means of submitting registration, the date of registration normally refers to:

* the date on which the registration form is submitted to a drop box placed in a bank or post office (if submitted through drop box);
* the transaction date recorded by the e-banking system of the relevant bank (if submitted via e-banking); or
* the date of the postmark stamped by Hongkong Post or the relevant overseas postal authority (if applicable) (if submitted by mail to Hong Kong General Post Office Box No. 186000).

     People who met the eligibility criteria on the Scheme commencement date (August 28, 2011) may register on or before December 31 to receive payment of $6,000 plus a bonus of $200.

     People who did not meet the eligibility criteria on August 28, 2011, but did so on the eligibility date (March 31, 2012) may also register on or before December 31 to receive payment of $6,000.

     Registrants who register through banks and have met the eligibility criteria will normally receive payment in around 10 weeks after registration. Those who register through Hongkong Post and have met the eligibility criteria will normally be notified by post to collect their cheque in around 12 weeks after registration.

     The spokesman reminded successful registrants who have been notified to collect their cheques to do so in person at the post offices selected within the period specified on the notification. They need to show their notification and identity card for verification of identity. As set out in the written reminders to these registrants, if the cheques are not collected within the one-year period after their issue dates, the registrants are deemed to have forfeited their right to receive the payment.

     Since the commencement of the Scheme, over 400 000 eligible persons successfully registered through Hongkong Post have been notified to collect cheques from post offices. The cheques issued under the Scheme will start to expire in mid-November 2012. While the majority of these registrants have collected their cheques, and the Government has specifically issued reminders to those who have yet to do so, some of the cheques still remain uncollected. Up to now, a total of about 404 000 cheques were issued (including some 9 000 issued in October 2012), with about 360 000 already collected and 44 000 uncollected. Of these 44 000 uncollected cheques, around 330 cheques will expire by mid-November and another 1 200 will expire by the end of November 2012.

     He also reminded members of the public to safeguard their personal data and guard against scams for obtaining personal data or money by deceit in the guise of Scheme $6,000.

     For more information about Scheme $6,000, please visit Enquiries can be made on 186000.

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