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S for S talks about crime situation

     Following is the transcript of remarks (English portion) made by the Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose S K Lee, at a media session at the ground floor lobby, West Wing, Central Government Offices, after the Fight Crime Committee meeting this afternoon (June 27):

Secretary for Security: The Fight Crime Committee has reviewed the crime situation of Hong Kong for the first five months of this year. Overall crime has registered a decrease of 1.4 per cent. In respect of violent crime, the drop was as much as 7 per cent. We are glad to notice that crime related to serious drug offences has dropped quite significantly. The number of offenders arrested for serious drug offences dropped by as much as 10.4 per cent, and those of age under 21 has dropped by as much as 11.6 per cent. This signifies that the initiatives by the Hong Kong Government to tackle drug offences have reaped positive results, especially among those young offenders. Overall, the crime situation in Hong Kong is under control. We remain a very safe and secure place to live in the world.

Reporter: Why are there more restrictions for the July 1 protest and do you think those restrictions are excessive?

Secretary for Security: I noticed this kind of report and it is false. As announced by the Police, these are standard conditions for demonstrations and marches and they were applied before and I don't think they are new conditions imposed on the organisers this time. But I also noticed that the Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Processions will conduct its hearing tomorrow morning. So it is inappropriate for me to comment on this case.

Reporter: But on the enforcement side, will the Police be actually arresting people who play a musical instrument?

Secretary for Security: I have emphasised more than once that Hong Kong is an open and liberal community and demonstrations and marches are commonplace in Hong Kong. After reunification in 1997, tens of thousands of marches have taken place and the Police have, I think in the past, helped to maintain law and order and facilitate peaceful demonstrations and gatherings. I think for fair-minded people on the street, they would give fair comments. But on the other hand, I think people will also notice that quite recently, this one or two years, some demonstrators have resorted to violent practices to express their views and I think now we all know that not long before, one of my policemen had fallen from a bridge because of the violent act of one demonstrator.

Reporter: Secretary, can you just make it clear whether people will be arrested for playing musical instruments on July 1 at a protest?

Secretary for Security: I can't clarify because any person who violated the law will be dealt with in accordance with the law. I can't tell you whether a person playing an instrument will be arrested or not. Whether he or she has violated the law, that is important.

Reporter: (On a sharp increase in drug seizures.) Does it mean that there is a higher demand for illegal drugs?

Secretary for Security: I think the figure indicated that our drug problem is under control but the seizure of various kinds of drugs has increased mainly because of the seizure at our control points by Customs officers.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Monday, June 27, 2011
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