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Speech by DGTI at Limousine Handing-over Ceremony (with photos) (Eng only) (with photos)

Following is the speech by the Director-General of Trade and Industry, Mr Raymond Young at the limousine handing-over ceremony for Hong Kong Ministerial Conference today (November 29):

Dr Stark, Mr Koh, Ladies and Gentlemen,

     I am very pleased and honoured to take part in this ceremony today. We are here to witness the handing over of a fleet of brand-new BMW luxury cars for use during the WTO Ministerial Conference to be held in Hong Kong in less than a month・s time. As indicated by Dr Stark, BMW is actually no stranger to the WTO, having provided limousines for the first WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore back in 1996. By replicating this sponsorship for the Hong Kong Ministerial, BMW is again demonstrating its good corporate citizenship, its commitment to the Hong Kong and Chinese market and, may I say, support for the world system of free trade as symbolised by the World Trade Organization.

     I don・t think it is necessary for me to repeat here what it means for Hong Kong to be hosting this Conference. Suffice it to say on this occasion that with the participation of delegates from 150 economies and a convergence of 2,000 international journalists, it will be an excellent occasion to showcase Hong Kong to the rest of the world as Asia・s World City and a prime example of how free trade engenders wealth and economic growth. Despite having to work extremely hard to organise this conference, the Government has been deeply gratified by the support that the business sector and the community as a whole have shown for this event, and the sponsorship from BMW is one of the most significant among the commercial sponsorships.

     One of the unique challenges for the host of international conferences is to ensure that the heads of delegation can travel in comfort, style and safety, and that the make of the chosen vehicles reflects the significance that the host attaches to the event. We think the new BMW L series fits this bill eminently and for this, I would like to convey my sincerest thanks to the BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd. I should add that the .competition・ for this vehicle sponsorship was very keen, but the offer from BMW was just too good to resist.

     Lastly, I think we all look forward to seeing a fleet of brand new BMWs roaming the streets of Hong Kong next month. I am confident that with the support from BMW, the logistical arrangements for the conference will run smoothly, and I look forward to continuing our partnership with BMW should there be similar opportunities in the future. Thank You.

Ends/Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Issued at HKT 17:20


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