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Plan No. S/H1/21
Name of Plan Kennedy Town & Mount Davis
District Hong Kong District
Gazette Notice & Schedule of Amendments(if any) View
Gist of Representation(s)
(No. of Representation(s))
Full Set of Representation(s) -
List of Commenter(s)
(No. of Comment(s))
Full Set of Comment(s) -
Date of Hearing under Section 6B(1) -
Further Representation - Gazette Notice & Schedule of Proposed Amendments -
List of Further Representer(s)
(No. of Further Representation(s))
Full Set of Further Representation(S) -
Date of Hearing under Section 6F(1) (if any) -
Confirmed Amendments - Schedule of Amendments (if any) -
Confirmed Amendments - Date of Confirmation -
Expiry Date for Making Representations 30/06/2021
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