Planning Application

Application No. Y/YL-NSW/9
Plan Area Nam Sang Wai
District Fanling, Sheung Shui & Yuen Long East District
Date of Application Received 21/04/2022
Location Lots 1910 RP (Part) and 1743 S.C RP (Part) in D.D. 107 and Adjoining Government Land, West of Castle Peak Road – Tam Mi, Yuen Long
Proposal To rezone the application site from “Industrial (Group D)”, “Open Storage” and area shown as ‘Road’ to “Residential (Group E)”
Applicant's Submission No softcopy provided by Applicant. Hardcopies available at Planning Enquiry Counters for inspection.
Newspaper Notice & Gist of Development Proposal(including Location Plan)(indicative only for section 12A application)

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Expiry Date for Making Comments on Application (No. of Comments Already Available for Public Inspection)

27/05/2022 (1)

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Tentative date of meeting 15/07/2022
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