Planning Application

Application No. A/YL-HTF/1092
Plan Area Ha Tsuen Fringe
District Tuen Mun & Yuen Long West District
Date of Application Received 04/10/2018
Location Lot 384 RP in D.D. 128, Deep Bay Road, Lau Fau Shan, Yuen Long, New Territories
Proposal Proposed Temporary Warehouse of Electric Spare Parts for a Period of 2 Years
Newspaper Notice & Gist of Development Proposal(including Location Plan)(indicative only for section 12A application)

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[Note: The Gist may be superseded by a new Gist if Further Information is received]

No. of Comments on Application Already Received 4
Further Information Received on 20/02/2019
Nature Responses to departmental comments, and provides clarifications on trip generation.
Decision Accepted and Exempted from Publication
Application Available for Public Inspection Until (tentative date of meeting) 12/04/2019
Remark Deferred on 16/11/2018
Deferred on 18/01/2019