Planning Application

Application No. A/HSK/174
Plan Area Hung Shui Kiu and Ha Tsuen
District Tuen Mun & Yuen Long West District
Date of Application Received 25/06/2019
Location Various Lots in D.D. 125 and Adjoining Government Land, Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long
Proposal Temporary Open Storage of Recycling Materials (Plastic) with Ancillary Workshops and Site Offices for a Period of 3 Years
Newspaper Notice & Gist of Development Proposal(including Location Plan)(indicative only for section 12A application)

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[Note: The Gist may be superseded by a new Gist if Further Information is received]

No. of Comments on Application Already Received 2
Further Information Received on 02/08/2019
Nature Minor clarification on the estimated trip generation rate of the applied use.
Decision Accepted and Exempted from Publication
Further Information Received on 25/10/2019
Nature Clarification on background information (i.e. the the nature of plastic processing workshop) of the application site and response to the concerns raised by RNTPC members regarding noise and waste water pollution.
Decision Accepted and Exempted from Publication
Application Available for Public Inspection Until (tentative date of meeting) 13/12/2019
Remark Deferred on 16/08/2019