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Step 1
Download e-Form

Step 2
Fill e-Form and attach file(s)

2.1 Read and accept the Points to Note
2.2 Fill e-Form and attach file(s)
2.3 Append/remove additional pages
2.4 Add attachments
2.5 Save the form

Step 3
Sign completed e-Form

3.1 Sign the e-Form
3.2 Adding second/third signature(s)
3.3 Trust the certificate

Step 4
Submit signed e-Form

Commonly Encountered Problems

a Mandatory field checking before signing
b Version of Adobe Reader
c Missing attachment
d Indicate hard copy submission of coloured plan, if any

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Step 1. Open the Town Planning Board website and select "On-Line Submission" from the menu on the left
Step 2. At the bottom of the page, click "Submit Application"
Step 3. Read the "Points to Note" for electronic submission
Step 4. Read the "Statement on Personal Data" for electronic submission
Step 5. Click the "I Agree" check box to accept the "Points to Note" and "Statement of Personal Data"
Step 6. Click "Continue" to continue the submission process
Step 7. Click "OK".
Step 8. Input all fields in the page
Step 9. The input of the "E-mail Address" and "Confirm E-mail Address" fields should be the same.
Step 10. Input the captcha here
Step 11. If the captcha is not clear, click "Reload" to generate a new one.
Step 12. You can also choose "Play Sound" for acquiring the characters.
Step 13. Click "Continue" after completing this page, and you will receive an email with "identification code"
Step 14. Go to your email box to collect the "identification code".
Step 15. Use this "identification code" to proceed.
Step 16. Input the "identification code" to this field
Step 17. If you wish to regenerate the identification code, you can click "Re-generate identification code"
Step 18. If you cannot receive the email you can check your email address by clicking "Change Contact Info" button
Step 19. Now click "Select document" to select the signed e-Form.
Step 20. Open the signed e-Form
Step 21. Upload in Progress
Step 22. The uploaded e-Form’s file name is shown here. File size of the e-form should not be over 10MB.
Step 23. Click "Remove" to remove the uploaded e-Form.
Step 24. Click "Submit" button to start the submission process.
Step 25. The system is validating your e-form. Do not close the window until you see the "Acknowledgement" page.
Step 26. If you see this "Acknowledgement" page, your submission to EPASS is completed.
Step 27. You can find the file name, submission time and reference number on the page.
Step 28. You will receive an acknowledgement email also.
The Electronic Application Form Checking:
- The valid e-Form is submitted.
- The form should be signed by active and valid digital signature(s) (issued by HKPost or Digi-Sign)
- All applicant/agent(s) have signed the e-form (e.g. two applicants require two separate digital signatures)
- Not exceeding 10MB in size (including the e-form and all attachment(s));
- Not exceeding 20 number of pages (including the e-form and supplementary information, but excluding documents such as land ownership proof);
- Attachment(s) in a format of "Adobe Portable Document Format" ("PDF") only;
- Attachment(s) in printout paper size not larger than "A3"

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