Consideration of Further Representations on Proposed Amendments

to the Draft Kowloon Tong Outline Zoning Plan No. S/K18/18

arising from Consideration of Representations and Comments

on Kowloon Tong Outline Zoning Plan No. S/K18/17

(TPB Paper No. 9714)





Enclosure I


TPB Paper No. 9585 for consideration of Representations and Comments in respect of the Draft Kowloon Tong OZP No. S/K18/17


Enclosure II


Extract of the minutes of the TPB meeting held on 10.3.2014, 11.3.2014, 17.3.2014, 20.3.2014, 25.3.2014 and 26.3.2014


Enclosure IIIa to IIIe


Gazette Notice, Schedule of Proposed Amendments, Amendment Plan, Proposed Amendments to the Notes and Explanatory Statement of the Plan


Enclosure IV


Further representers’ submissions


Plan FH-1


Location plan