TV announcements

Quality Service

Voice Over:
Customer A: Can you please fix these glasses for me?
Shop Assistant (1): You just bought them last week. The screws couldn't have come loose so quick. Did you drop themíH
Customer A: No, I did not.
Customer B: That's not right. Let me have the red one instead.
Shop Assistant (2): I'm sorry. I can't change it. I've printed the invoice.
Celebrity (Mr Andy Lau): Service like this just isn't good enough. How should it be? Take a look...
Shop Assistant (2): No problem, sir. I'll just change the invoice for you.
Shop Assistant (1):  Certainly, madam. Let me tighten the screws for you.
Celebrity (Mr Andy Lau): Serve your customers with courtesy.

End-Super: Success Starts With Quality Service