Information on avian flu distributed to tourists

Friday, December 19, 1997

The Department of Health had prepared a fact sheet to explain the avian flu to tourists or tourist groups planning to come to Hong Kong.

The fact sheet quoted the World Health Organisation's statement that the present cluster of cases in Hong Kong has not reached the scale of an outbreak. There is no need for travel restriction or quarantine.

Emphasizing that it is safe to come to Hong Kong, the fact sheet provided information on what was Influenza A H5N1 and what was so far known about the virus.

It stressed that the prevention of this type of flu is the same as that of other influenza viruses.

"Keeping up a good body immunity is the most important. Maintain good ventilation. Avoid crowded places if you are not feeling well. Go to see a doctor if flu symptoms do not go away. Avoid coming into contact with sick or diseased poultry. Eating of chicken and other poultry does not pose a risk of H5N1 infection."

Information of the fact sheet will be disseminated through Hong Kong Overseas Offices and the Hong Kong Tourist Association, a spokesman for the Department of Health said today (Friday).