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The [HKSAR] government at all levels protects religious freedom in full, and does not tolerate its abuse, either by government or private actors. –US Department of State, Second Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, September 5, 2000



It's the right thing to do. –Republican Senator Trent Lott, the US Senate Majority Leader, on why the Senate voted to grant Permanent Normal Trade Relations to China, September 19, 2000

The volume of business with China as a result of WTO accession will grow, the pie will get bigger. So even if the slice that goes through Hong Kong gets smaller, the total volume will still be bigger. I would guess on balance the Chinese accession to the WTO should be of more benefit to Hong Kong than a disadvantage. –British Consul-General in Hong Kong, Sir James Hodge, South China Morning Post, September 21, 2000



Three years after Hong Kong's reversion to Chinese sovereignty, the unprecedented 'One Country, Two Systems' experiment thus far has been a success, although it continues to face many challenges ... Perhaps the most telling indication of the success of the transition has been its lack of impact on the way of life of the vast majority of Hong Kong citizens. – Eighth Report of the Speaker's Task Force on the Hong Kong Transition, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, Committee on International Relations, US House of Representatives, September 27, 2000

The 'One Country, Two Systems' principle remains reasonably intact and, while requiring constant vigilance, Hong Kong nonetheless remains one of the freest societies in Asia.–Report by the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy, October 2000



There is less discrimination against foreign investment in Hong Kong than perhaps any place in the world ... this is one of the reasons the SAR has evolved into the hub role for regional business that it has.–Asian Intelligence, Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, December 20, 2000

Hong Kong is still the best place in Asia to run a business.–Editorial, Asian Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2001


Hong Kong is, and will remain, the most important RHQ [regional headquarters] base in Asia-Pacific ... Hong Kong's position as key RHQ is also likely to strengthen in coming years ... Hong Kong-based managers are adamant that no other regional location matches the vibrancy of the city, or the dense information networks that tie Hong Kong to all the major economies in the Asia-Pacific.–Study on regional headquarters published in Business Asia, a fortnightly report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, January, 2001

International co-ordination of business from Hong Kong is much easier than from elsewhere in Asia because of the level of highly-skilled, internationally-minded people here.–Dutch Business Association of Hong Kong chairman Nico Kooji, Hong Kong Trader, February 2001

Hong Kong's bureaucracy rates very favourably in our survey on bureaucracy in Asia ... Hong Kong has a reputation for being a place that works. One of the main reasons for this image is not only the efficient private sector but also the relatively competent manner that civil servants go about their jobs.–Bureaucracy in Asia, Asian Intelligence, Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, February 21, 2001

Hong Kong remains a free and open society and a great international city. It continues to look out to the world, and the international community continues to engage with Hong Kong as a place where essential rights and freedoms are respected. –British Government's Six Monthly Report on Hong Kong July-December 2000, published February 27, 2001

Hong Kong provides the most convenient platform for foreign companies wishing to do business in the Mainland, as well as for Chinese companies wishing to take advantage of 'foreign investor' status obtaining tax breaks in China's investment zones.–World Investment Prospects report, The Economist Intelligence Unit, February 2001

This is a great honour to me, to Hong Kong and to Chinese people all over the world.–Hong Kong Oscar winner Peter Pau Tak-hei after receiving the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his work on the martial arts classic 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.

The good news is that the huge inflows of money ... offer testimony to the city's strengths as a financial centre. –Financial Times, March 30, 2001, following the release of figures that showed US$64.4 billion in foreign direct investment flowed through Hong Kong in 2000, a 175% increase over 1999

I would like to reiterate that it is the long-term basic state policy of the Chinese Government to implement the principles of 'One Country, Two Systems', 'Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong' and a high degree of autonomy. The Chinese Government will never waver in or change this policy come what may. –President Jiang Zemin's opening address at the FORTUNE Global Forum, May 8, 2001

Hong Kong is Exhibit 'A' in the case for global interdependence and its benefits. –Former United States President Bill Clinton, FORTUNE Global Forum, Hong Kong, May 10, 2001






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