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Asia's world city Hong Kong

Asia's world city

Brand Hong Kong

A major new global brand programme to focus international attention on Hong Kong's drive to be Asia's world city was unveiled on May 10, 2001.



The programme was launched by the Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa, at the FORTUNE Global Forum in front of an audience of more than 500 of the world's most influential business leaders and former US President Bill Clinton.



The prestigious Forum event was chosen because a major aspect of the new programme is to enhance international understanding of Hong Kong's strong position as a gateway to the Mainland of China as well as a hub for business throughout the Asia-Pacific region.



A key component of the brand programme is a new Hong Kong visual identity - powerful and energetic dragon - that will be used to promote Hong Kong extensively in the international arena.

The dragon incorporates the Chinese characters for Hong Kong as well as the letters 'HK', to signify a blend of East and West. The visual identity is complemented by the brandline, 'Asia's world city'.

It is hoped that, over time, the dragon will become an instantly recognisable Hong Kong icon, in much the same way as Canada's maple leaf, the Nike 'swoosh' and McDonald's 'golden arches'.

The brand platform at the heart of the programme is: "Hong Kong is where opportunity, creativity and entrepreneurship converge. It is a dynamic physical and cultural hub with world-class infrastructure, Asia's most strategic location, and a global network of people with an impressive record of success that can support achievement of your goals and objectives."

The brand programme arose out of recommendations from the Chief Executive's Commission on Strategic Development published in February last year.

The launch of the programme completed a year-long project spearheaded by an inter-departmental government working group. It involved opinion research in Hong Kong and internationally, measurement of the strength of the Hong Kong brand, and work by branding specialists and creative teams in Hong Kong and other locations around the world.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang, will be Brand Hong Kong's chief spokesperson.

Hong Kong's positioning as Asia's world city, like other world cities, is based on:



Its role as a manager and co-ordinator of global
economic activity



A core of world-class service providers and a highly productive workforce



Modern hard and soft infrastructure



Educational and other institutions focused on knowledge-creation and enhancing the quality of life



Commitment to maintaining the rule of law, freedom of expression and association, the free flow of information, openness and diversity



Strong links with its hinterland, the Pearl River Delta, one of the most rapidly growing regions in the world.

A long-term international communications campaign will promote the new Hong Kong brand to audiences throughout the world.

A Brand Hong Kong website contains more information on the programme.



Invest Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) was established on July 1, 2000, to spearhead Hong Kong's efforts to attract inward investment. InvestHK provides:



Solution-oriented investment promotion, facilitation and aftercare services to ensure that companies have all the support required to establish or expand operations in the dynamic Hong Kong economy



Investment support services to help companies make informed business decisions, such as corporate environment reports, profiles on economic sectors, comparative analyses of the costs of setting up business in Hong Kong, government statistics and regulations, and key publications



Contacts to connect prospective business partners, and facilitate liaison with relevant government departments and commercial organisations



Assistance on matters such as work visa applications, trade mark registration, fire and environmental protection requirements and business incorporation



Consultation, regulatory advice and logistics support guidance by sector-specific experts in business and professional services, financial services, information technology/ media/multimedia, technology (especially electronics and biotechnology), telecommunications, tourism and entertainment, trade-related services and transportation and regional headquarters operations in all sectors

Apart from its mainstream business support work, InvestHK is involved in other activities promoting Hong Kong as an international business and investment centre.

It was a host sponsor of the prestigious FORTUNE Global Forum held in Hong Kong from May 8-10 and is sponsoring a yacht, Spirit of Hong Kong, in the world's toughest yacht race the 2000-2001 BT Global Challenge. InvestHK also plans to sponsor the yacht in the 2002-2003 New World Challenge.




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