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OFCA launches Labelling Scheme for Buildings with 5G Indoor Coverage to enhance 5G indoor coverage
     The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) launched today (May 30) the Labelling Scheme for Buildings with 5G Indoor Coverage to encourage mobile network operators (MNOs) to enhance the network coverage of fifth generation (5G) mobile services in indoor areas of buildings, providing the public with more stable and high-speed mobile communications services.
     The Labelling Scheme aims to encourage collaboration between MNOs and building managers to install 5G communications facilities and enhance indoor mobile network coverage in the indoor common areas of buildings such as lobbies, lifts, carparks, shopping centres and basements. If a building has already installed 5G indoor base stations, a designated label (see Annex) can be posted at relevant locations as a certification of 5G network coverage, indicating that users can enjoy the advantages of high speed, low latency and massive capacity of 5G services in these indoor areas. At present, the four MNOs have registered over 600 buildings including residential, commercial and industrial buildings with OFCA. OFCA will regularly update the Databases for Broadcasting & Telecommunications Infrastructures to allow the public to check the list of registered buildings with indoor 5G equipment installed.
     "As 5G services continue to evolve, comprehensive 5G network coverage will not only satisfy the public's demand for high-speed and reliable mobile services, but also facilitate the development of various innovative and smart city applications in Hong Kong. We encourage more buildings to participate in the Labelling Scheme and collaborate with MNOs to enhance indoor mobile network coverage and capacity through installation of 5G base stations inside buildings, which will also enhance the overall image of the participating buildings," the OFCA spokesman said.
     Following the passage of the Telecommunications (Amendment) Ordinance 2024 in the Legislative Council after the third reading on February 21 this year, which implements the proposed initiative in the 2022 Policy Address to promote 5G development, specified new and redeveloped buildings (including commercial, industrial, residential and hotel buildings) will reserve appropriate space for MNOs to install and maintain mobile communications facilities. New government buildings and public housing estates will also follow the same arrangements to install mobile communications facilities. The relevant Code of Practice will require MNOs to install 5G communications facilities in indoor common areas as far as practicable. These arrangements will facilitate further expansion of mobile network coverage and capacity in Hong Kong.
     OFCA has set up a dedicated thematic webpage (www.ofca.gov.hk/Indoor5G/en) for the Labelling Scheme. Building managers interested in participating in the scheme may contact the MNOs or call OFCA's hotline (2961 6333) for enquiries.
Ends/Thursday, May 30, 2024
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