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LegCo to consider Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2024
The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     The Legislative Council (LegCo) will hold a meeting on Wednesday (May 29) at 11am in the Chamber of the LegCo Complex. During the meeting, the Second Reading debate on the Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2024 will resume. If the Bill is supported by Members and receives its Second Reading, it will stand committed to the committee of the whole Council. After the committee of the whole Council has completed consideration of the Bill and its report is adopted by the Council, the Bill will be set down for the Third Reading.

     In addition, the Construction Industry Security of Payment Bill will be introduced into the Council for the First Reading and the Second Reading. The Second Reading debate on the Bill will be adjourned.

     On Members' motions, Professor Lau Chi-pang will move a motion on developing digital education. The motion is set out in Appendix 1. Professor William Wong, Mr Shang Hailong, Professor Chan Wing-kwong and Mr Kenneth Leung will move separate amendments to Professor Lau's motion.

     Mr Chan Hak-kan will move a motion on seizing the opportunities of accelerating the development of new quality productive forces in the country. The motion is set out in Appendix 2. Dr Johnny Ng, Professor William Wong, Mr Sunny Tan, Mr Shang Hailong, Mr Dennis Leung, Dr Tan Yueheng and Mr Yim Kong will move separate amendments to Mr Chan's motion.

     Mr Duncan Chiu will move proposed resolution under section 34(4) of the Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance to extend the period for amending subsidiary legislation. The proposed resolution is set out in Appendix 3.

     Members will also ask the Government 22 questions on various policy areas, six of which require oral replies.

     The agenda of the above meeting can be obtained via the LegCo Website (www.legco.gov.hk). Members of the public can watch or listen to the meeting via the "Webcast" system on the LegCo Website. To observe the proceedings of the meeting at the LegCo Complex, members of the public may call 3919 3399 during office hours to reserve seats.
Ends/Monday, May 27, 2024
Issued at HKT 18:15
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