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HKSAR Government welcomes enhancements to "exit endorsement for business visit" and "exit endorsement for talents" by Mainland authorities
     ​The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) welcomes the announcement by the Mainland authorities today (April 28) about the extension of the period of stay for holders of an exit endorsement for business visit travelling to Hong Kong from seven days to 14 days and the expansion of application of the exit endorsement for talents to Beijing and Shanghai, both taking effect on May 6, 2024. 

     According to the prevailing arrangement, Mainland residents who wish to visit Hong Kong for business purpose are required to obtain an exit endorsement for business visit from the Mainland authorities. The enhancement measure has positively responded to the needs of the business sector on the Mainland and in Hong Kong by doubling the period of stay of each visit from seven days to 14 days for holders of an exit endorsement for business visit to Hong Kong. The Mainland authorities also announced that applications for the exit endorsement for business visit will be accepted nationwide and can be processed at any of the relevant offices across the country, irrespective of the applicant's place of household registration or place of residence. These measures will greatly enhance convenience for Mainland businesspersons and traders who travel to Hong Kong for various business activities and promote their exchanges with the business community in Hong Kong.

     The talent exit endorsement has been implemented in the Mainland cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) on a pilot basis since February 20, 2023, with a view to facilitating GBA Mainland talents' travel to Hong Kong for exchanges and visits. As of mid-April 2024, more than 18 000 arrivals of holders of the talent exit endorsement in Hong Kong as visitors were recorded. Expanding application of the talent exit endorsement to Beijing and Shanghai will attract and bring more Mainland talents to Hong Kong for exchanges. The country has been actively developing high-quality talent hubs, while the HKSAR Government has been strenuously promoting the "southbound and northbound" two-way flow of talents. Against such backdrop, the enhancement measure will complement the initiative announced in the 2023 Policy Address to enable foreigners working in companies registered in Hong Kong to apply for "multiple‑entry visas" valid for two or more years to the Mainland, thereby reinforcing Hong Kong's unique role as the country's international talent hub and the gateway for talents in the GBA. 

     Under the new measure, apart from the expansion of application to Beijing and Shanghai, other existing arrangements of the talent exit endorsement remain unchanged. The six categories of talents (i.e. outstanding talents, scientific research talents, education talents, healthcare talents, legal talents and other talents) who meet the eligibility criteria set by the Mainland authorities can apply to the Mainland authorities for a talent exit endorsement with a validity period of five years, three years or one year. They can travel to and from Hong Kong multiple times within the validity period of the exit endorsement and stay in Hong Kong for a duration not exceeding 30 days during each visit.

     Mainland residents visiting Hong Kong must hold a valid Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP, commonly known as "Two-way Permit") with the relevant exit endorsement for travelling to Hong Kong. The application, approval and issuance of the EEP and exit endorsement are within the remit of the Mainland authorities. The two new measures will facilitate Hong Kong's further integration into the national development and achieve concrete results on the solid policy foundation of facilitating the "southbound and northbound" two-way flow of talents. The HKSAR Government will continue to maintain close liaison with the Mainland authorities, with a view to further promoting the connection and exchanges of talents between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and creating stronger impetus of growth for Hong Kong and the entire GBA.
Ends/Sunday, April 28, 2024
Issued at HKT 13:00
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