Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival stages martial arts drama costumes and props exhibition today (with photos)

     The second Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival, presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), is now running a vast range of programmes with "Arts and Action" as its theme. Among the offerings is the "Classic Martial Arts Drama Costumes and Props Exhibition" under the "Arts or Action, Why Not Both?" series, which opened today (April 17) at the foyer of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. On display is a collection of some 30 exhibits from headpieces to costumes and props used in martial arts TV dramas from the 1970s to the 2000s. Members of the public are invited to revisit celebrated classics and appreciate the ethos of the wuxia world.
     Many well-known martial arts dramas are adaptations of works by renowned wuxia novelists. Notable examples include Jin Yong's "The Return of the Condor Heroes", "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer"; Huang Yi's "A Step into the Past"; and Liang Yusheng's "The Bride with White Hair". These TV dramas, together with their theme songs and soundtracks, bring to life the combat scenes depicted in the novels. Many classic scenes have long been an integral part of Hong Kong's pop culture, fondly remembered by a wide audience throughout the years.
     Among the finely selected exhibits are, to name a few, the robe worn by martial hero Yang Guo, and the serene white attire for Xiaolongnü (Little Dragon Maiden) in "The Return of the Condor Heroes"; the pink outfit for the heroine Zhou Zhiruo in "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre"; and the costume for Ah Jiu (Princess Changping) in "Sword Stained with Royal Blood". Props on parade include the Dragon-slaying Sabre from "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre", the very source of endless bloodshed; the signature Dog-beating Staff wielded by the beggar clan helmsman, and a flute of Yellow Medicine Guru, also known as the Eastern Heretic, in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes"; a sword owned by Lian Nishang, the hero of "The Bride with White Hair"; a hand fan used by the title character of "Chor Lau-heung"; and the title weapon of "Little Li's Flying Dagger" thrown by its hero Li Xunhuan. The exhibition is running until May 5, to be moved to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on May 8 and continue till October 7.
     To elevate visitor experience, the "Arts or Action, Why Not Both?" series also presents the "From Arts to Action Music Concert". Veteran singer Albert Au will perform popular theme tunes from martial arts dramas in addition to the famous songs of his own. Each session will feature young singer Adrian Au together with a special guest. There will also be a song request session for audiences to choose on the spot their personal favourites.
     Last but not least, at the "ICH Extraordinary: Chinese Martial Arts and Films" programme, seasoned kung fu masters will talk about kung fu movies and demonstrate fist and footwork routines to show the myriad faces of Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage. This programme is under the Chinese Culture Promotion Series of the LCSD. Details are as follows:
Venue Date Time Speakers / Performers
G/F Foyer, Hong Kong Cultural Centre April 20 (Saturday) 2.45pm Albert Au, Adrian Au & Kayee Tam
4.30pm Mr Li Chan-wo
Bao Zi Lin Li Chan Wo Sports Association
Theme: Hung Gar Kuen Style*
Theatre, Hong Kong Heritage Museum May 19 (Sunday) 2.45pm Albert Au, Adrian Au & Janees Wong
May 26 (Sunday) 3.30pm Dr Tsui Siu-ming
Shandong Taichi Mantis Fist Team
Theme: Tanglangquan (Northern Praying Mantis)
G/F Foyer, Hong Kong Cultural Centre June 22 (Saturday) 2.45pm Albert Au, Adrian Au & Brian Tse
4.30pm Ving Tsun Athletic Association
Theme: Yip Man Wing Chun
*An activity in support of National Security Education Day
Admission to all the aforesaid programmes is free.
     The LCSD presented the first Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival last year to great acclaim. This year's second edition features "Arts & Action" as its theme, taking audiences on a journey through time to show the dynamic inheritance, diffusion, integration and breakthroughs within Hong Kong's pop culture. The 2024 festival lineup offers a diverse range of formats including thematic exhibitions, film screenings, stage performances and outreach activities. Its rich content spans across literature, various art forms and martial arts, clearly showcasing how Hong Kong's vibrant and diverse pop culture stands out from the rest. For more information or enquiries, please visit www.pcf.gov.hk/en or call 2601 8703.

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