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Communications Authority press release
The following is issued on behalf of the Communications Authority:
     This press release summarises the decision of the Communications Authority (CA) following its 133rd meeting held in April 2024.
CA approves changes to line-up of programme channels of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
     The CA has approved an application by TVB for changes to the line-up of programme channels, viz. the replacement of "J2" and "TVB Finance, Sports and Information Channel" by "TVB Plus" under its Channel 82 and the launch of the "Phoenix Hong Kong Channel" under Channel 85 with effect from April 22, 2024. Following the above restructuring, TVB will continue to provide five programme channels under its domestic free television programme service (free TV) licence, and has committed that being a free TV licensee, it will ensure that the broadcast contents, regardless of whether they are self-produced or supplied by third parties, will be in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Broadcasting Ordinance (Cap. 562) (BO), its free TV licence and the CA's codes of practices.
     In approving the application, the CA has taken into account that TVB will continue to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements under the BO and its free TV licence, and to shoulder the editorial responsibility for the broadcast contents included in its licensed service after completion of the above changes in the programme channel line-up.
     In this connection, the CA has also approved TVB's application for a temporary waiver from compliance with the subtitling requirement (Note) for "Phoenix Hong Kong Channel" for a period of three months from April 22, 2024, to July 21, 2024, before full compliance with the relevant requirement.
Note: TVB is required to provide, among others, subtitling service for all news, current affairs, weather programmes and emergency announcements, as well as all programmes broadcast between 7pm and 11pm on all of its five programme channels.
Ends/Monday, April 15, 2024
Issued at HKT 16:30
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