Government announces a range of measures to promote mega event economy

     The Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong, met the media together with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Kevin Yeung; the Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), Dr Pang Yiu-kai; the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr Dane Cheng; the Chairman of Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee, Dr Adrian Cheng, and announced a range of measures to promote mega event economy, with a view to strengthening the co-ordination mechanism and the effectiveness of publicity for mega events. 
     Mr Wong said, "The Government will step up promoting the development of mega event economy. We will reach out proactively and attract more world-class mega events to be staged in Hong Kong. Amongst others, the HKTB will leverage on its existing network, together with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Economic and Trade Offices of the Government, to scout for suitable events worldwide. The HKTB will proactively contact the organiser or agency of the relevant events, and discuss the feasibility and the assistance and supporting arrangement needed for bringing in the events to Hong Kong. We will also further strengthen and enhance co-ordination, establish a more effective mechanism as well as create a more favorable environment, with a view to attracting mega events and facilitating the smooth organisation of these events."
     The Government will set up an inter-departmental coordination group to be chaired by the Deputy Financial Secretary, with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism as deputy. Members include representatives from relevant bureau, departments and statutory bodies. The coordination group will ensure the major events to be held in Hong Kong would have sufficient cross-departmental support, and will ensure close communication and collaboration amongst relevant bureaux, departments and statutory bodies, with a view to promoting a culture of supporting and facilitating the successful organisation of mega events in Hong Kong.
     A dedicated team will also be established under the HKTB serving as the first point of contact. The team will communicate with the organisers of the mega events and facilitate discussions on the necessary arrangements for the events to be held in Hong Kong. The HKTB will understand the expectation and need of the organisers, and conduct preliminary assessments, including evaluating the benefits of the events. They will then submit recommendations to the Government.
     Hong Kong has been presenting her charm as Asia's Events Capital to the world. International major events bear strategic significance for Hong Kong. Not only do the events boost the local economy, but also attract elites of industries from around the world to personally experience Hong Kong's actual situation and vibrancy. In addition to the culture, sports and tourism-related events which are highly popular among local citizens and visitors, the scope of other events is very wide, covering different fields and industries.
     Mr Yeung said, "Since its establishment, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau (CSTB) has been sparing no efforts in promoting culture, sports and tourism-related mega events in a comprehensive manner on both policy and implementation fronts. Looking ahead in 2024, there will be over 80 mega events just in the first half of the year: Inter Miami CF is visiting Hong Kong on February 4, Cathay International Chinese New Year Night Parade on the first day of Lunar New Year, the first ever LIV Golf, Art March, Hong Kong Sevens Pop Culture Festival and a wave of other happenings."
     The Government established the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund (Mega ACE Fund). To date, 15 applications have been successfully approved, six of which have completed or are currently underway. The first three mega events supported by Mega ACE Fund in 2024 will gradually commence in the coming two months, including the art installation "Chubby Hearts Hong Kong", "A Path to Glory – Jin Yong's Centennial Memorial, Edinburgh Place Exhibition” (tentative English title) and "ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024".
     The CSTB also launched various measures to enhance the "M" Mark System in April 2023. So far, a total of 17 major international sports events were awarded "M" Mark status in 2023/24, which is the highest in record. In 2024, it is envisaged that over 20 major international sports events would be supported by the "M" Mark System.
     The Tourism Commission led the HKTB to successfully bring in the first-ever UIM E1 World Championship (E1), which will stage its grand finale – E1 Hong Kong Grand Prix – in Hong Kong for the first three seasons from 2024 to 2026. The HKTB will continue to organise various major events and assist in promoting different cultural and sports events in every part of the world, thereby showcasing the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism and Hong Kong's multifaceted charm to the world, as well as attracting visitors and enriching their travel experiences.
     In the future, the mega events in Hong Kong will be even more dazzling. The Government will enhance promotional efforts and raise public awareness of these events. The Radio Television Hong Kong will soon launch a new multimedia information programme on television, radio, Internet and social media platforms, available in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. The programme will provide daily updates on the latest information about the happenings in the city, in order to engage the entire community and citizens to enjoy the joy and lively ambience brought about by these events.
     The Government will adopt a more proactive approach to attract mega events to anchor in Hong Kong, support their implementation and enhance Hong Kong's status as an Events Capital. The calendar of mega events in Hong Kong (first half of 2024) is at Annex.
     The public can also browse the latest update on various mega events through the website for Brand Hong Kong (

Ends/Friday, January 26, 2024
Issued at HKT 20:33