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Government promulgates Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Members of District Councils and District Council Standing Orders
     ​The Government promulgated the Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Members of the District Councils and the District Council Standing Orders Model Text today (December 18) to further improve the accountability of members of the District Councils (DCs), increase the transparency of their work, and enhance the procedures of the DCs and their committees, so as to ensure executive-led governance.
     The Guidelines set out the standard of performance required of DC members, including setting up offices, meeting members of the public, so that the DCs can best undertake their advisory and service functions. The Guidelines also set out a list of negative behaviours, including obstructing DC members in conducting meetings, insulting other DC members and public officials, preventing others from leaving or attending meetings, failing to declare interests. The Guidelines set out in detail the investigation procedures, appeals mechanism and relevant sanctions for DC members that have performed poorly or committed prohibited acts, to ensure every DC member upholds their duty faithfully and serves the people.
     The Standing Orders regulate the procedures for the DCs and their committees. The Standing Orders were revised to reflect the latest amendments to the District Councils Ordinance, including stipulating that the DC chairmanship is taken up by District Officers, the DC Chairman is responsible for appointing committees, appointing Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of committees, Chairman of working groups, co-opted members. Moreover, the Standing Orders include that DC members must observe order at meetings, and especially must not act or behave in a way to disrupt meeting proceedings.
     The Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, Miss Alice Mak, said, "DC members must proactively fulfil their duties and responsibilities, and connect to and serve the people, reflect their opinions and support the Government's implementation of policies and must not be lazy and sloppy in their work. I hope the incoming DC members will adhere to the Guidelines and Standing Orders in carrying out their work, work hard for the people, resolve people's problems and address their demands. The concrete deliverables will enable the people to feel the fresh air of the new term of DCs, thereby increasing their sense of happiness and contentment."
     The Guidelines and Standing Order have been uploaded to the DC Members' Reference Corner (www.had.gov.hk/en/public_services/district_administration/DC_Members_Reference_Corner.htm) of the Home Affairs Department's website. They will also be uploaded to the DC website once the incoming DCs take office.
Ends/Monday, December 18, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:31
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