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New arrangements for enrolment to LCSD's recreation and sports programmes
     To tie in with the launch of SmartPLAY, members of the public are reminded to take note of the new arrangements for enrolment to recreation and sports programmes offered by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). 

     For the Recreation and Sports (R&S) programmes to be held in January 2024 onwards, users can submit an online balloting application within the first seven days of each month for the programmes to be held by the District Leisure Services Offices (DLSOs) in 18 districts, water sports centres, the Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre as well as the Green Campaign Section in the following month. As regards the arrangements of sports competitions to be held in February 2024 or later, users only need to submit one online balloting application from the eighth to the 14th days in every month to enrol in sports competitions to be held two months later. It saves a lot of time on filling out different application forms and submissions. Applicants can amend their selected items in the application forms anytime and anywhere before the submission deadline if and when required. The arrangements for balloting, payment and remaining places for competitions is similar to that of the training courses, recreation activities and sports competitions (please refer to the Annex for details). For the R&S programmes to be held by different districts, the public can visit the LCSD and SmartPLAY websites or approach the respective organising offices for further details. 

     In respect of balloting applications for all R&S programmes, each user can submit one online balloting application per month for various training courses and recreation activities or sports competitions. Each online application can select up to 10 training courses and recreation activities/10 sports competitions, and a maximum of three training courses and recreation activities/three sports competitions can be allocated. It can provide more users with the opportunity to participate in recreational and sports activities and cultivate exercise habits. The new system offers more efficient, convenient and user-friendly services to members of the public. Applicants can enrol in sports and recreation programmes organised by the 18 districts through mobile apps, the Internet or smart self-service stations installed across leisure venues within a specific period, without the hassles of applying by post or queuing at booking counters in the early morning for popular programmes. Other enhanced functions include convenient searching functions with greater flexibility, access to real-time programme information, notifications of successful applications by email and instant viewing of enrolment records. 

     In addition, priority balloting arrangement for "new applicants" that apply to Fitness (Multi-Gym) Training Courses will be extended to all training courses as well as recreation activities (except those activities that accept walk-in enrolments only or tailor-made programmes for persons with disabilities). "New applicants" (those who have not enrolled in the same type and level of training courses or recreation activities in the past 12 months) will be given a priority in balloting and place allocation. The remaining places, if any, will be allocated to those who are "non-new applicants". Successful applicants will receive emails as well as notifications through SmartPLAY, while electronic payments or confirmations should be made through SmartPLAY within the designated period. The system will not inform successful applicants by mail. The public are advised to pay attention to the ballot result via the system. Any remaining places of R&S programmes after balloting and completed payment/confirmation by successful applicants will be open for enrolment on a first-come, first-served basis to all applicants. Meanwhile, applications will be accepted only if the training courses and recreation activities that a user has applied for on a first-come, first-served basis or submitted a balloting application for did not overlap with that of the programmes he/she has successfully enrolled in.

     The LCSD reminds the public that all people must register with the new system and complete an identity authentication process before using SmartPLAY to enrol in R&S programmes and book leisure facilities. The LCSD has provided 375 Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues (including DLSOs in various districts). Members of the public who have yet to be registered can submit their registration, and complete identity authentication and account activation procedures at these Smart Self-service Stations. A dedicated website and a mobile app are also provided for user registration. If users complete their registration through "iAM Smart", they can have their SmartPLAY accounts instantly activated.

     For more information on recreation and sports programmes, please visit SmartPLAY website (www.smartplay.lcsd.gov.hk/programme/home).
Ends/Friday, December 1, 2023
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