LCSD's annual Cantonese Opera Day delights fans and families (with photos)

  The annual Cantonese Opera Day, presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), was held this afternoon (November 26) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC) and the Hong Kong Space Museum to enable members of the public to have multi-faceted understanding of Cantonese opera, a world intangible cultural heritage item. This series of fascinating free activities had attracted around 5 300 visitors to join.
  In the "Cantonese Opera Excerpts" performance staged at the Concert Hall of the HKCC, young Cantonese opera talents trained by various Cantonese opera organisations took turns to perform classic excerpts such as "Encountering Chivalry" from "The Legend of the Purple Hairpin", "Kneeling by the Pond" from "The Lioness Roars", "Pursuing Her Husband" from "Princess Shuang Yang" and "Chastising the Princess". Their enchanting performances won ovations from the audiences.
  Live Chinese music and Cantonese operatic songs performances were presented at the Foyer of the HKCC and they had attracted many music fans to stay and watch. The performers included members of the Music Office's Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra which brought about familiar Cantonese music pieces such as "Pacing Horses in the Countryside in Spring", "The Lion Dance", "Moonlight on the Spring River" and "Thunder in a Drought"; winners of this year's Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Cantonese Opera Competition also performed duet or solo pieces such as "A Tearful Zhuge Liang Ordered the Execution of Ma Su", "Romance of the Phoenix Chamber", "The Return of Lady Wenji" and "A Tearful Farewell".
  Furthermore, this year's Cantonese Opera Day featured various demonstration sessions on Cantonese opera make-up, costume dressing and craftsmanship of hair accessories for huadan (female lead), which included wire-twisted flower-shaped hair decorations and rhinestone decorations on the "pianzi" (oval flat pieces framing the face of female actors). The talks hosted by the lecturer of the Hong Kong Art Performance Academy (Music-Chinese Opera) on Cantonese operatic singing techniques and appreciation of the singing of Changju Bangzi Gunhua (styles of Cantonese opera songs) as well as the sharing session by experienced Cantonese opera tutors and their young students on thoughts about acquiring the skills of Cantonese opera, were also well received by families and audiences of all ages. They were amused by the charm of Chinese culture. 
     In addition to the live performance, demonstrations and talks, the "Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong" exhibition, which was co-organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, was held at the Foyer Exhibition Area of the HKCC. Through the display of precious artefacts, photos and textual explanations, the exhibition introduced to visitors the local development and evolution of Cantonese opera over the years.
  In support of the Cantonese Opera Day, film screenings, Cantonese opera performances and an exhibition were also held at various LCSD venues (including the Hong Kong Film Archive, Ko Shan Theatre and the Red Brick Building) to further the public's understanding of the art of Cantonese opera.

Ends/Sunday, November 26, 2023
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