Director of Chief Executive's Office leads politically appointed officials to conduct duty visit in Nanjing (with photos)

     The delegation of politically appointed officials on a national studies programme and duty visit led by the Director of the Chief Executive's Office, Ms Carol Yip, visited Nanjing yesterday (November 23) and today (November 24) to gain in-depth understanding of the experience in promoting high-quality development.

     The delegation departed from Beijing for Nanjing yesterday and visited the Treaty of Nanjing Historical Archives Museum to understand the history of foreign invasion into China and how the nation has progressed from a century of humiliation to prosperity and strength. They also visited Yuejiang Tower, one of the four famous towers in the Jiangnan region, to experience Nanjing's long-standing history and culture.

     The delegation called on the Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Mr Fang Wei. At the meeting, Ms Yip noted that Jiangsu's Gross Domestic Product ranks second in the country. Over 100 Jiangsu enterprises are listed in Hong Kong with a total market value of nearly $950 billion. In recent years, Jiangsu, like Hong Kong, has been actively promoting the development of the innovation and technology industry. The two places can complement each other's strengths and jointly promote high-level co-operation, so as to achieve development of higher quality and make greater contributions to the country's development.

     Ms Yip pointed out that the Policy Address promotes the development of the innovation technology, cultural and creative industries. Through the visit in Nanjing, she hoped that the officials could deepen their understanding of the country's various effort in promoting high-quality development, including innovation and technology, new industrialisation, smart city, ecological conservation, culture and tourism. This can enhance exchanges and facilitate their work in the related fields, with a view to helping Hong Kong achieve better development.

     Today, the delegation met with Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Nanjing Mr Deng Zhiyi. They also visited projects related to industrial technology and research, ecological technology, Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit systems, and smart city management. In the evening, they visited the Qinhuai River to learn more about Nanjing's experience in capitalising its local historical heritage to promote the development of its cultural and tourism industries.

     The delegation will continue its duty visit in Nanjing tomorrow (November 25) and return to Hong Kong in the afternoon.

Ends/Friday, November 24, 2023
Issued at HKT 21:21