Advisory Committee on Water Supplies visits Dongjiang Water Supply System (with photos)

The following is issued on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Water Supplies:

     A delegation of the Advisory Committee on Water Supplies departed for Guangdong Province to visit the Dongjiang (DJ) Water Supply System and learn about the latest situation of matters in relation to DJ water supplied to Hong Kong. The delegation concluded their fruitful two-day visit today (November 14).

     During the two-day visit, members of the Committee visited the DJ Water Supply System, including Xinfengjiang Reservoir in Heyuan, the intake point of DJ water supplied to Hong Kong at Taiyuan Pumping Station in Dongguan, Jinhu aqueduct in Tangxia, Dongguan, the Shawan River and the bio-nitrification plant located upstream of the Shenzhen Reservoir. Members were briefed by the officers concerned about the operation of these facilities and inspected the quality of DJ water supplied to Hong Kong.

     The Committee also visited the Integrated Improvement Works for the Water Environment of Shawan River, which mainly included laying of sewers for sewage interception and expansion of sewage treatment plant. The works have improved the water environment of Shawan River and its surrounding area and greatly reduced the pollutants from entering the Shenzhen Reservoir, thereby further safeguarding the water quality in the reservoir. Members were grateful for the work done by the Guangdong authorities in safeguarding the quality of DJ water.

     In summing up the visit, the Chairman of the Committee, Professor Joseph Kwan, considered the two-day visit, covering several major operation facilities of the DJ Water Supply System, to be enriching. It enabled members to understand the situation of DJ water supplied to Hong Kong, especially the effort contributed by the Guangdong side in safeguarding the quality of DJ water, which includes the formulation and implementation of regulations and measures to strictly protect water resources, and the tremendous infrastructure invested. Members also had the opportunity to observe the DJ water supply system facilities from a short distance and the stringent water quality examination system.

     The terms of reference of the Committee are to advise the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region through the Director of Water Supplies on matters relating to water supplies, including water resources, network management, regulation and control of inside service, water conservation and other operational matters. It comprises members from the academics, green advocates, professionals, trades and officials from related government departments and the bureau.

Ends/Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Issued at HKT 19:15