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Commissioner of Police says Police resolutely safeguard national security
     In response to media enquiries about some United States (US) lawmakers using an excuse to introduce a bill of so-called “sanctions” against officials of the HKSAR responsible for safeguarding national security, the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) today (November 5) issued the following statement:
     The Commissioner of Police, Mr Siu Chak-yee, strongly condemned the despicable and shameless tactics by certain US politicians, adding that their hegemonism is doomed to fail and will only make the HKPF even more determined and fearless in defending the spirit of the rule of law in Hong Kong and safeguarding national security.
     He pointed out that every country attaches importance to national security, as it is the cornerstone of national stability and the bedrock of people's well-being. Having double standards, certain US politicians have been wantonly smearing officials of the HKSAR and continuously intimidating and exerting pressure on with malicious intent.
     He said that the HKSAR is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China and has the constitutional responsibility to safeguard national security. The HKPF has all along been resolutely and fearlessly fulfilling the responsibility of safeguarding national security.
     Mr Siu stressed that the HKPF, while discharging duties under the Hong Kong National Security Law, always takes law enforcement actions based on evidence and strictly in accordance with the law, against any people, institutions or organisations that endanger national security.
Ends/Sunday, November 5, 2023
Issued at HKT 22:23
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