Asia+ Festival: Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances to showcase essence of Asian cultures (with photos)

     The Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances, which enable the public to appreciate different cultural features of Asian ethnicities, will be held on November 12 (Sunday) from 1pm to 5pm at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza and Foyer, showcasing the arts and cultures of different parts of Asia through a variety of folk dances, musical instrument performances, a fashion show and a martial art performance. The event is also one of the highlights of the newly launched Asia+ Festival this year. Members of the public are welcome to join and admission is free.
​     With the theme of "Crowning the Harvest Hues", this year's Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances will manifest how Asian people celebrate the abundance of nature, showcasing the cultural essence of over 20 Asian countries and regions. Performances include a dragon dance; folk dances of Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines, Türkiye and Sri Lanka; as well as a Korean traditional percussion performance and more.
​     Members of the public can also enjoy the rarely seen Kazakhstan dombra and Mongolian horse fiddle performances as well as a traditional handicrafts display, while families are also welcome to join the Sri Lankan drum workshop and Korean fragrant sachets workshop on-site.
​     Meanwhile, an exhibition entitled "Charm of Hues - National Costume and Headdress Exhibition" will be held from November 12 to 19 at the Foyer of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The eight-day exhibition showcases beautiful costumes and decorations that people wear during festive events and arts performances. These include dance costumes of the Indian Bhangra dance, Nepal's Gurung tribe Ghatu dance and Japan's Tokushima traditional dance; northern Vietnam's traditional hat Nón Quai Thao for New Year celebrations, a Cambodian Apsara crown; the traditional costumes thobe and abaya worn by men and women of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and more.
​     In addition to the live performances and the exhibition mentioned above, the Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances will also offer an online programme recapturing the event highlights, to be broadcast on November 26 at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's Community Programmes Office (CPO) website (
​     Twenty-three countries and places will participate in the event, including Hong Kong, China; Macao, China; Bangladesh; Cambodia; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kazakhstan; Korea; Kuwait; Laos; Malaysia; Nepal; Mongolia; Pakistan; the Philippines; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Türkiye; the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. For details of the programme, please visit the website of the CPO or call 2591 1340. More details of the Asia+ Festival can be found here:

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