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FSD launches promotion for voluntary use of portable firefighting equipment at domestic premises
     The Fire Services Department (FSD) announced today (October 31) that the Fire Service (Installations and Equipment) (Amendment) Regulation 2023 (the Amendment Regulation) will come into effect tomorrow (November 1), with a view to facilitating the voluntary use of portable firefighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets, in domestic premises of the public's own volition. The public could tackle the fire early in case of a fire at home, thereby enhancing home fire safety in a holistic manner. 

     The Amendment Regulation aims to exclude approved portable firefighting equipment that is installed in domestic premises of one's own volition (i.e. not required by or pursuant to law) from the application of regulation 8(1) of Fire Service (Installations and Equipment) Regulations, to the effect that the owners of such portable firefighting equipment will be exempted from the statutory duty of keeping such equipment in efficient working order at all times and having the equipment inspected by registered fire service installation contractors at least once every 12 months.

     Nevertheless, owners of any portable firefighting equipment that are required by law to be installed in any premises, portable firefighting equipment in common areas of domestic buildings (e.g. common corridors, lobbies and staircases, etc) installed of one's own volition, and portable firefighting equipment installed of one's own volition in any premises which are not intended to be used for residential purposes (such as industrial buildings, etc) should continue to be subject to the relevant statutory duty. 

     To facilitate the public to identify portable firefighting equipment approved by the FSD, the department has added a new function, Portable Easy Scan, to its mobile application since October 27. It allows the public to scan the information on the label of the equipment with their mobile phones. The application performs a search of the list of approved portable firefighting equipment to help the public to identify whether the equipment is an approved model or not. 

     In order to promote the widespread use of portable firefighting equipment in domestic premises, the FSD has set up a dedicated homepage at its website (www.hkfsd.gov.hk/eng/fire_protection/pedp/). The website lists out the details of the Amendment Regulation and the guideline on the appropriate selection and self-checking of portable firefighting equipment. The FSD will also promulgate the benefits and the use of portable firefighting equipment to the public through various channels. 
Ends/Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Issued at HKT 11:00
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