Civil Service College organises second seminar in series on "Holistic View of National Security" (with photos)

     The Civil Service College (CSC) of the Civil Service Bureau has launched the "Holistic View of National Security" seminar series. The second seminar in the series, on the topic of "National Security in the Rise and Fall of Great Nations", was delivered by Deputy Director of the Office of the Center for a Holistic Approach to National Security Mr Dong Chunling, at the CSC today (October 12).

     During the seminar, Mr Dong shared cases and patterns related to the rise and fall of great nations, as well as the fundamental attributes of the national security path with Chinese characteristics, and more, enabling civil servants to understand the importance of national security to the rise and fall of a nation from a historical perspective.

     Addressing the seminar, the Head of the CSC, Mr Oscar Kwok, stressed that civil servants of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must deeply understand the logic and rationale behind the national strategy of a holistic view of national security. They should also learn from history the importance of national security to the country's development. Only by doing so can they play a positive role in their work and proactively take on the important responsibility of safeguarding Hong Kong and national security.

     Around 200 officers, including middle and senior-level civil servants and politically appointed officials, attended the seminar today. Some of them participated through video-conferencing.

     The seminar series consists of seven talks, covering topics such as global economic change, and the opportunities and challenges of technological development for safeguarding national security. The series provides a comprehensive and multi-perspective analysis of the development of the holistic view of national security, its main content, the challenges of safeguarding national security, and its significance to the country's development. The seminars are delivered by experts from the Center for a Holistic Approach to National Security or the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations.

Ends/Thursday, October 12, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:24