Draft Fanling North Outline Zoning Plan approved

     ‚ÄčThe Chief Executive in Council has approved the draft Fanling North Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).
     "The approved OZP provides a statutory land use planning framework to guide the developments within the Fanling North New Development Area," a spokesperson for the Town Planning Board said today (September 29). 
     The planning scheme area, covering about 165 hectares, is bounded by Wa Shan and Cham Shan in the north, Mat Wat River in the east, Ma Sik Road in the south, Ng Tung River in the southwest and Sheung Yue River in the west.
     The approved OZP has incorporated the amendments shown on the draft Fanling North OZP No. S/FLN/3, which mainly involves (i) rezoning of two sites in Planning Area 3 from "Government, Institution or Community" ("G/IC") and an area shown as 'Road' to "Other Specified Uses" ("OU") annotated "Logistics Facility" and "OU" annotated "Bus Depot" respectively; (ii) rezoning of a site in Planning Area 5 from "OU" annotated "Parking and Operation Facilities for Environmentally Friendly Transport System", "G/IC" and an area shown as 'Road' to "Residential (Group A)5" for public housing development, "OU" annotated "Sewage Pumping Station" and "G/IC" respectively; (iii) rezoning of a site at the southwest corner of Planning Area 6 from "Residential (Group A)2" and an area shown as 'Road' to "Residential (Group A)6" for public housing development; and (iv) other amendments to revise the building height restriction of a "G/IC" site, to rationalise the zoning boundaries and to reflect the approved road alignment of the Fanling Bypass (Eastern Section).
     Opportunity is also taken to amend the Notes and Explanatory Statement of the OZP to reflect the above amendments and to update the general information of various land use zonings and the planning circumstances, where appropriate.

     The approved Fanling North OZP No. S/FLN/4 is available for public inspection during office hours at (i) the Secretariat of the Town Planning Board, (ii) the Planning Enquiry Counters, (iii) the Fanling, Sheung Shui and Yuen Long East District Planning Office, (iv) the North District Office, (v) the Fanling District Rural Committee and (vi) the Sheung Shui District Rural Committee.
     Copies of the approved OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the OZP can be viewed on the Town Planning Board's website (www.tpb.gov.hk).

Ends/Friday, September 29, 2023
Issued at HKT 16:00