InnoCarnival 2023 to run from October 28 to November 5 (with photos)

     ‚ÄčOrganised by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), InnoCarnival 2023 (IC 2023) will be held from October 28 to November 5 at the Hong Kong Science Park with the theme of "Go Smart! Go Tech! Go Green!" The event is receiving support from 50 programme partners, including local universities, research and development centres, government departments and other organisations. Through an array of interesting activities, it aims to promote innovation and technology (I&T) culture by enhancing public knowledge about I&T and inspiring interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among the younger generation. IC 2023 is also one of the supporting events of the Happy Hong Kong campaign.

     Speaking at the press preview for IC 2023 today (September 26), the Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Mr Ivan Lee, said that the Commission has been proactively promoting the development of I&T in Hong Kong. Among work such as developing infrastructure, supporting research and development (R&D) and technology applications, nurturing I&T talent, promoting I&T culture is also one of ITC's key focuses.

     The press preview exhibited the R&D projects of several participating teams. Project team representatives presented their inspirational ideas, R&D processes, features and functions, and project applications. These projects include a "Smart Sponge" by City University of Hong Kong, which is a versatile and selective oil-absorbing sponge that can be used in various settings, including aquaculture filtering systems, grease cleaning for household implements, and oil spill cleanup efforts in both marine and fresh water environments; as well as a "5G Cloud Robotics System" developed by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), by combining the power of 5G technology with advanced cloud computing and robotic capabilities to navigate complex environments autonomously, perform intricate tasks, enhance efficiency and productivity while reducing human intervention and risk.

     In addition, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School, an awardee in the 25th Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition organised by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, introduced their invention, "Upcycling of Abandoned Beehives", which uses materials such as beeswax, rosin and ground soybean to replace plastics as materials for 3D printing.

     There will be 38 exhibition booths at the Hong Kong Science Park to showcase local I&T achievements, some of them with interactive games. In addition, about 150 workshops with different themes, including parent-child workshops, will be organised on-site. Furthermore, about 35 webinars will be held during the IC 2023 period, covering topics such as air pollution and artificial intelligence. All IC 2023 activities are free of charge. Some of the activities require pre-registration. Details are available at the thematic webpage ( Members of the public are most welcome to join.

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