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Public urged not to burn wax, fly sky lanterns or litter at LCSD venues during Mid-Autumn Festival
     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (September 22) appealed to the public to keep places clean and tidy and to not burn wax or fly sky lanterns when celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.
     "To provide a better environment for members of the public to enjoy the festive occasion, we appeal to them not to burn or melt wax. They should not sprinkle or pour liquids onto hot wax. Metal cans or non-flammable containers should be used to collect melted wax for easy disposal into litter bins after the containers cool down," a spokesman for the LCSD said.
     "Moreover, members of the public should not throw glow sticks or other objects onto trees, as doing so may cause damage to the trees and affect the cleanliness of venues. Furthermore, they should not fly sky lanterns as doing so might cause injuries or damage to property and facilities."     
     The spokesman said patrols will be stepped up at the department's venues including parks, public beaches and barbecue sites from September 29 and 30. Staff will be deployed to take enforcement action against littering, wax burning, throwing objects onto trees and flying sky lanterns on these two nights.
     Members of the public may call the LCSD's hotline on 2414 5555 to report any cases of wax burning or flying sky lanterns, or other irregularities found at LCSD venues.
     According to the Pleasure Grounds Regulation, no person shall, in any pleasure ground, melt or burn any wax; sprinkle or pour any liquid onto any hot wax; damage any part of any tree, shrub or plant; or fly kites, model aircraft, balloons or other devices (including sky lanterns). According to the Bathing Beaches Regulation, no person shall, on any bathing beach, do any act that is likely to endanger or obstruct any other person using the beach, or damage, deface or pollute the beach or anything situated thereon. Any person who is convicted is liable to a maximum fine of $2,000 and 14 days' imprisonment.
     Littering offenders will be issued with a fixed penalty notice with a fine of $1,500, while those who burn wax, throw objects onto trees or fly sky lanterns may be prosecuted. 
Ends/Friday, September 22, 2023
Issued at HKT 15:00
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