Government to implement "633" fixed toll scheme in three road harbour crossings upon its takeover of Western Harbour Crossing (WHC) on August 2 and to implement HKeToll at WHC and Eastern Harbour Crossing on August 6 and 27

     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (July 27) that the Government will implement the "633" fixed toll scheme in the three road harbour crossings (RHCs), i.e. Western Harbour Crossing (WHC), Cross-Harbour Tunnel (CHT) and Eastern Harbour Crossing (EHC), at 0.00am on August 2 (Wednesday) upon its takeover of the WHC. The relevant scheme was enacted by the Legislative Council on June 28 this year through the Road Tunnels (Government) (Amendment) Ordinance 2023.

     Details of the "633" fixed toll scheme are set out as follows:

(1) The fixed toll for private cars using the WHC will be lowered to $60, while that for the CHT and the EHC will be adjusted to $30;

(2) Cross-harbour taxis will be charged an all-day fixed toll of $25 for the three road harbour crossings. Same as the current additional fare arrangement, a taxi passenger will need to pay both the outbound and return toll (i.e. $50 in total) if they board a taxi from non-cross harbour taxi stands. There will no longer be a vehicle type of "empty taxi" at the EHC; and

(3) Tolls for other vehicle types will remain unchanged.

     ‚ÄčAt 0.00am on August 2, the WHC and the EHC will be closed briefly for about five minutes to facilitate the renewal of the toll collection facilities.

     Motorists should note that the toll tickets sold by the Western Harbour Tunnel Company Limited (WHTCL) for payment of WHC tolls, as well as the current commercial promotion provided by the WHTCL, including midnight toll promotion, coupons, etc, will be terminated upon the expiry of the WHC franchise.

     In addition, the HKeToll will be implemented in the WHC from 5am on August 6 (Sunday) and in the EHC from 5am on August 27 (Sunday) to replace all manual toll booths and Autotoll lanes. Motorists can pay tunnel tolls using toll tags without having to stop or queue at toll booths for payments.

Ends/Thursday, July 27, 2023
Issued at HKT 15:08