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DH calls on public to continue support for organ donation
     The Department of Health (DH) today (May 28) called on members of the public to continue their support for organ donation and to register with the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) (www.codr.gov.hk). Enhanced feature for the CODR system will also be introduced at appropriate time in accordance with the public usage and reaction.

     A spokesman for the DH said that Hong Kong has been adopting an "opt-in" system for cadaveric organ donation. The DH has been closely monitoring the operation of the CODR system. Despite medical advancement, for some patients with organ failure, organ transplant remains the only hope to live on. Due to limited supply from donations of organs, more than 2 000 patients in Hong Kong are currently waiting for organ transplants, and many patients have died before an organ that is suitable for transplant is available.

     Since its establishment in 2008, the registration number of the CODR has kept growing, from 45 150 in 2009 to more than 357 000 at present, reflecting strong support for organ donation from the general public. Members of the public should keep supporting the selfless and generous act of organ donation in saving lives and register with the CODR. As most people, upon learning of their family members' wish to donate organs after death, are willing to honour such wish. As such it is very important to inform family members of the wish.

     Following the launch of the revamped CODR system in April last year allowing members of the public to choose to register in the CODR online using "iAM Smart", the DH worked with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to launch an enhanced feature of CODR system today, to assist registered users of "iAM Smart" to use the newly added "Centralised Organ Donation Register (Enquiry of Registration Status)" service of the application to check whether they have registered in the CODR.

     "iAM Smart" mobile app provides the one-stop personalised digital services platform, which enables users to log in and use a series of government, public and private online services by their personal mobile phone in a more convenient way. "iAM Smart" strictly adheres to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and personal data is encrypted. Registered "iAM Smart" users can now use the newly added service and connect directly to the CODR system simply by clicking a few buttons. They can know their registration status in a convenient yet safe way. For information on registration of "iAM Smart", please visit the "iAM Smart" website (www.iamsmart.gov.hk).

     The Government encourages citizens to register the "iAM Smart" to enjoy more personalised government electronic services, while those who are yet to be "iAM Smart" registered users can continue using the current means and make request according to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. For details, please refer to the CODR website: www.codr.gov.hk/codr/InternetAgreeDataAccess.xhtml.

     The spokesman said that signing an organ donation card is one way of expressing your wish to donate your organs. Members of the public who have signed an organ donation card are also encouraged to register at the CODR, in order to facilitate confirmation of their wish and make arrangements accordingly.

     In addition, the Government is continuing its review on the procedure of registration and withdrawal application for the CODR system. The system would be updated and relevant procedures would be enhanced at appropriate time after considering factors including privacy and identity verification, and the Government would make announcement accordingly.

     The Government will continue to make every effort in promoting organ donation on various fronts in collaboration with community partners and to foster more public education and promotion through a multi-pronged approach in a bid to build a receptive and respectful culture for organ donation, thereby more patients waiting for organ transplants can be given a new lease of life.

     For more information on organ donations, please visit the thematic website at: www.organdonation.gov.hk or the "Organ Donation@HK" Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/organdonationhk.
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