Acting SED commends Qualifications Framework Partners (with photos)

     The Acting Secretary for Education, Mr Sze Chun-fai, today (May 10) officiated at the Qualifications Framework (QF) Partnerships Commendation Ceremony and QF 15th Anniversary Celebration, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the QF cum present certificates of commendation to 76 enterprises and 63 education and training organisations in recognition of their support and contributions to the implementation of the QF.

     Speaking at the Ceremony, Mr Sze said that thanks to the all-along support over the last 15 years from different sectors including industries, the academic sector as well as training providers, the QF has developed from strength to strength. Since the launch of the QF in 2008, 22 Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs) have been set up under the QF, covering over half of the workforce in Hong Kong. All such industries have drawn up Specifications of Competency Standards (SCS), of which 18 have implemented the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism, and six have developed a Vocational Qualifications Pathway (VQP) since 2015. It is evident that the development and application of QF across various aspects have received support from society at large. As mentioned by the Chief Executive in the 2022 Policy Address, the Education Bureau (EDB) sets forth the strategy of fostering industry-institution collaboration and diversified development to further promote Vocational and Professional Education and Training, and will expedite the development of VQP under the QF, with the goal of increasing the number of industries adopting the VQP to at least 18 in the next five years.

     Mr Sze also mentioned that the effective implementation of various projects under the QF would not have been possible without the support of all partners. Therefore, in addition to the commended organisations, he also thanked all members of various ITACs for their strong participation in constructing and promoting the QF over the years. The EDB hoped that different sectors would continue to work together to strengthen the application of the QF to promote lifelong learning and enhance the quality of human resources, thereby fostering sustainable development of the industries and society as a whole.

     The four "QF Gold Star Employers" and 72 "QF Star Employers" commended today have made good use of the tools and supporting mechanisms of the QF in at least one of the following areas to enhance the quality of human resources:

     1. Developing VQP courses or SCS-based courses to enhance the synergy between learning and employment;

     2. Encouraging employees to apply for RPL qualifications to have their experience and competencies recognised under the QF; and

     3. Using QF-recognised qualifications in human resources development and management perspectives to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises for their long-term development.

     In addition, 63 "QF Star Training Providers" were commended for developing VQP courses, SCS-based courses, Specifications of Generic (Foundation) Competencies-based courses, or setting up Credit Accumulation and Transfer arrangements to provide more flexible learning opportunities for learners. Nearly 200 organisations have become a "QF Star Supporter". Certificates of commendation will be awarded for their support in the implementation of the QF.

     A QF in Action (QFIA) commendation section was also arranged during the ceremony, commending 12 organisations as a 2022 QFIA Achiever and 11 partner organisations as a 2022 QFIA Achiever (Partner). They applied the elements of the QF in 2021-2022 to develop projects related to human resource management, professional development, and industry-institution collaboration. Mr Sze hoped that other organisations could make reference to these exemplary practices in applying the QF elements in the future. 

     The QF is a seven-level hierarchy covering qualifications in the academic, vocational and professional, as well as continuing education and training sectors, defining clear and objective standards applicable to respective qualifications. The primary objective of the QF is to encourage and facilitate lifelong learning, with a view to enhancing the quality, capability and competitiveness of the workforce in Hong Kong.

Ends/Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:50